All that is
A bundled sphere of time and space
collected from vast memories,
these woven threads so softly traced,
potentials of our pacts and pleas.
The distance of the false divides,
a merging of collected dreams,
the rhythm of the fluxing tides
with eons of repeated themes.
And on and on an impulse lit
from friction flicking back and forth;
each spark creates a beam sunlit
delineating south and north.
Contracting in expanding out
so all that was and is will be
this moments pause within, without
and at the precipice we’ll see
each moment coalesces time,
each second drifts slipping into
each fold in space, this dance sublime
suffuses the eternal through.


Hedy Bach Photography

moon medicine
moon medicine and fairy tales,
four wooden blocks and incense sticks,
faint mistiness, delete details
off woolen socks and puppy licks.
stars are dripping moon is melting,
pull and push, the planet’s tilting.

elastic ebb and formless flow
bend and strip the plastic psyche,
pulsing, beating, inner tempo,
suffocate and wrap so tightly.
loom and weep in bending black,
the water trickles forward, back.

bending bends to bend black back to
elemental primitive
as morning whimpers drops of dew,
distilling limbic sedative.
drip-drip, lick-lick, moon is melting,
taste the ether, all’s dissolving.

The tilting turning pendulum
of evanescent fleeting waves;
a sacred glance, hearts beating drum,
this never ending winding maze.
Each momentary truth woven
in snapshots bundled shifting past;
my disbelief suspends broken,
mirages captivate at last.
And as each colour, sound creates
these shifting patterns painted on
the void and dark, a spark awaits
to constantly create the dawn.
And as the dance less danced once more
to weave and sew the fraying seams,
I watch the rhythmic pounding shore
all merge into my deathless dreams.