the sparking of oblivion
a slipstream of each crimson wave
and prophesied, obsidian
whispers the timeless: cradle, grave.
the ebbing, flowing, seething snakes
of current fluid, permeate
the false of dense, staccato brakes
and merges silence at the gate.
This dance alive, her chasm draws
me to her core as depths unwind
into the voided darkened sphere
as I abandon reasoned mind.
I watch disintegrate each fear,
I slip, fall deep and unwind time.
I shift, drive forwards to reverse
the threads of history, each crime
each demon, toxin, poison, curse,
will soon unravel and discard
the limited, each worry, doubt
and fade the broken, loveless, scarred.
and then the light, suffused throughout
perception cleared, the seen reveals
what I decide will carry weight
and lightness, levity now steals
my heart to shift and mold the fates.
For in ethereal cosmic space
all blended with angels, demons,
encompassing this whole I trace
sweet cadence of my soul’s dreaming’s.