Gaia’s Gifts


I journeyed into my womb

and there I met Gaia.

She pulsed with the wisdom of the ages

and with kindheartedness she gifted this knowledge. 

She told me forgiveness doesn’t exist 

for there’s nothing to forgive 

when one acts from right action.  

I watched as in abundance she fed all her creatures

just as my breast 

is constantly meeting the needs

of my babe’s changing body. 

I danced on her fertile dirt

and couldn’t help but see the interconnections

for what I do to myself, I do to her. 

I merged with the rains of compassion,

and empathized with each soul.

I drew in the scents of the soil, 

and deepened the collective remembering.

I waltzed with her tireless hymns,

and rejoiced in this ever changing symphony of sounds.

I morphed with the beating sun,

and drank in etheric cosmic dust.

I journeyed deeper into my womb,

and found peace,

and became pure contentment,

and folded into time’s dimensions

to become one with all of life. 

In my womb I found all

and all found me. 


illustration by Laurel Haran

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