Womb & Moon

As the enigmatic moon ebbs and flows,

 the wild woman weeps and howls

As the Full Goddess Moon looks down upon the wild wombs of Earth the wilderness of wombed women is howling up at her. When Goddess Moon is dark and empty her women seek her out as womb’s weep. Ebbing and flowing, this interdependent relationship is formed as a remembering to muse within the womb’s inner scape, for the Moon’s Great Nature reveals her affinities, her influences, and her enigmatic nature. 

The fertile creatures on earth all have their specific correspondences such as the horse who menstruates with the seasons, its ovulation governed by sunlight. But the Moon belongs to our species, to the primate within each woman, and recognizing Moon and womb, we stay in a dialogue with one another. 

Thus the wise woman knows the Moon of Great Nature and in this way she can understand her moon of personal nature. This allows the spaces in between to be filled with information so she can intuit inner and outer needs, personal and familial, familial and communal, allowing her to harness her goddess potential within her circumstantial layerings. 

In navigation with the Moon, a woman’s cycle percolates throughout her body altering hormones, articulating aspects of her self, and selectively substantiating  relationships in her world in ways that support her evolving creativities and gracious givings. Her moon may deviate from Goddess Moon but it is her moon that is telling her where she is in lunar-time-space. 

Within the womb the rise and fall of estrogen is similar to the waxing and waning of Goddess Moon. Aligned with a white moon cycle, the woman is playing with the fertilities in the home, bleeding as the earth pulls down her waters, ovulating as the Moon is fully impregnated. This cycle magnifies the sinuous waters of the Moon on the psyche. Menstruation will be met with emotional depths and ovulation piqued with titillating heights. The intensity in this cycle is similar to the plants correspondences with the Moon, moistening the soils for possible implantation. This cycle allows the fertilities of earth to impregnate the womb, thus it is helpful if trying to conceive. 

A red moon cycle will create a better balance within for it will polarize Great Goddess Moon. To bleed on a full moon means earth will not draw her into her emotional depths to such a degree as the white moon cycle would. This is so the wild woman can be in service to the world as a sorceress to the threads of communal integration. This helps her maintain her center in the planetary pendulum. The red woman that ovulates does so under the hiding moon, allowing her mind to be impregnated with the planetary rather than the personal. This cycle is most helpful if practicing conscious contraception.

However, in both cases the shedding of the uterus orchestrates spiritual yearnings. It is a time to linger and lavish the body as it dances between two worlds. This ignites the creative expansion of the universe within while simultaneously cleansing the watery emotions from the cycle prior. The elements and emotions of water, wood, fire, earth, and air each receive their time to cleanse the happenings of the cycle prior so each emotion is integrated within the intuitive womb. Fostering this allows a fluidity to form between her inner and outer circumstances. 

Then in Goddess Moon can you see the fractals inherent within. Through each personal lunar cycle, the inner goddess is also playing with all the phases of her life. Menstruation begins the cycle of her life and is akin the child birthed and then the babe’s initial growing. It is the sprouting of life, the simultaneous play between earth and heaven, reality and dreams. This is a phase that is raw and emotional and time is quite fluid. Thus the feminine is ushered forth as time runs counterclockwise and insights are beckoned within. Yet when not supported to linger in the in-between, such as a toddler, her emotions will run rampant as the outer world is demanding too much linear time from her. 

After menstruation the worldly goddess emerges, energized, revived, and ecstatic. This ushering into the next phase of her life, that of summer, is a re-awakening to the world and a yearning to participate in it. This can be met in the teenager, the young adult, and eventually the adult as reproduction reaches its fertile peak. Full Goddess Moon expands the mind, engages the facilities of humanity, and ignites the endocrine system through the pineal gland, the third spiritual eye. The inner egg is electrified by this and dances with glee, popping out to possibly unite and contain a soul. 

If the egg is not needed in this sacred moment of potentiality, the wild woman’s womb absorbs this egg back into her that she may benefit from its infinite capacities. The drop in estrogen with her waning moon signals her autumn phase, a withering and a slowing down within. Much depths can be accessed here for there is still energy and intellect. To begin to turn within will allow the next phase to usher her spirit forth so that as she is approaching her blood once more she lingers in the menopausal phase of her cycle: dryness, chaos, unnerving energy, and an anticipating expectancy. This return to source is for the rebirthing, thus in the winter phase of her life there is the most opportunity for the spiritual insights. The pause before the blood flows, the quiet before the baby is birthed, the silence before menopause alights the spirit, all these states expand one inarticulately and are gateways into the inter aspects of self.

The wise woman is thus revealed the importance of accessing each phase of her life throughout the whole lunar cycle. For within each phase she will be supporting that part of herself, in that time-period as its expression is existent within her, in the quantum, coexisting and cohabitating her multi-dimensional world. Thus when she fully embraces that part of her cycle, at that moment in her cycle by integrating it, loving it, nurturing it, a healing occurs within that alters the fabrics of her story, past, present, and future. This is the beauty of the non-linear moon, the personal ebbing of hormones, and the accessing of the one in the all. 

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