Flowers Unfolding as Aspects of Self

Sacred Musings from the Garden
Part I

In the seed resides the flower, the flower in the seed, all is happening simultaneously to reveal the infinite in impermanence. Each flower reveals great truths inherent in sustaining longevity and accessing the timeless within. 

Ever watched a tiny seed sprout when favorable conditions prevail. Its shoots will pop from the pull of the full moon and then root deeper into the soils during the waxing moon in an obedience to the increasing gravity of the Earth. This occurs most profoundly around the gentle harmonies of the spring and autumn equinox. Then as time moves so too does the sun and under its productive rays growth is quick, an ever unfolding liberation from the soils below. Each material form animated reveals their personal life breath of sun, moon, and the atmosphere of the Earth interacting within. 

Slowly but surely the leaves reveal a bud, the bud a flower, the flower a seed, and deep inside all physical form a reproductive potential vibrates in ecstasy awaiting earthly participation. And as that first flower emerges it is the promise that there will be infinite more opening to the bountiful expression of life. Then each flowers color mirrors of a cosmic planetary influence, each movement of its form acts as an earthly obedience to an atmosphere, for they are both other-worldly and inter-worldly. In each flower head myriads of seeds slowly substantiate through heat awaiting the bird, or the bee, or the wind to spread their life force far and wide for they are utterly interdependent. This floral seduction, each alluring aroma, every titillating out breath is a vulnerable opening of reproductive faculties and is fully available to the wondering soul that is suffused by these emanations, helping the individual fold from without to within. 

Then as each flower lives so must each flower die, and though from the same plant, each plant from the same source of the all, these flowers are but an expression, a unique part of its plant self that is revealing certain aspects for the moment. This piece of the plant, revealed through each individual flower, lives, participates, withers, and dies. And it is infinite, it never ends, cared for well, tended to with love, respect, reverence, and awe, the flower symbolizes longevity, not solely in each flower but in the whole bountiful ever-evolving plant and the perpetuation of the plant through the seed. This reproduction is vitality and the unraveling reveals potential materializing, seeds spreading, life form diversifying, materiality participating, surroundings beautified, and all from the containment of the seed within. 

These aspects reside in each of us, a seed planted – the individual, and in one’s life – the unfolding pieces of personality blooming and decaying. These interactions with self and other arise as the moment calls for it, wholly unique and with certain cosmic influences manipulating. These impermanent pieces of self are always coming and going, gently revealing to the observer to relinquish that which needs to die for the blooming becomes more rapid and increasingly beautiful the more flowers that are plucked away. For in the flower it is revealed that all death returns to source through decomposition and upon this decay the soils are even more nutritious than before with replenished fertilities vibrating patiently within.

The miracles of the invisible world become utterly apparent in nature. Manipulating growth in the garden manipulates longevity inside the body. It is the skilled gardener that maintains their space full of life, beauty, and grace while beckoning in all of life; it is the cultivated individual that treats oneself with care, patience, and a love that substantiates longevity, gracefulness, and ageless wisdom within. 

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