The calling is strong. At three I was doing handstands on the wall and have since been irrevocably wrapped in the wonderment of form. I love being entangled in this body, learning to weave a story of magical proportions. Life’s a recipe and my formulas are for joy. What you put in is what you get out. Living at ease in the physical form is the foundation of the practice. The geometry, metaphors, and utter awe I find myself in when working in my body and with others keeps my fire lit. I’ve taught in Africa, Asia, India, North America and tiny places in between. I am gathering all my passions together and calling it yoga. It’s body reformation and it’s a powerful psychic overhaul. The practice is for liberation from conditioning, genetic or personal, it’s yours and there for you to transform into your own creation story. I have studied for years under my mentor and friend Nevine Michaan and am grateful to have written “Yoga as Origami: Themes from Katonah Yoga.”

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“[The practice is] writing a new story in the cells and learning to give ourselves space to be liberated. One who is genuinely interested in their body and maximizing its potential, will be nourished by this guided information with Kat.”

Janell Pinto, Edmonton AB