Heart Affair

Just as the crisp clean air of the morning dew draws deeper breaths into your being, this blend offers that same medicine: pause and indulge in the moment. Playing more in the realm of the day and the sun, this blend is to comfort you when the outside world is demanding too much out of you. It is a reminder, as a woman, to take care of your self first, for when you fill up your cup first you become a sacred giver of joy to others.

The incorporation of sacred blue lotus oil in this blend takes you back, thousands of years, when this flower was a symbol of all that was sacred. The ancient Egyptians are known to have used this plant for its aphrodisiac qualities and to alter their perception of reality. The famed Jasmine is added to honor the new within the old, as we now have the technique to extract the scent of this precious floral much more efficiently than in the past.

5 ml roller bottle

Ingredients: jojoba oil, EO’s of rose attar, jasmine grandiflorum, blue lotus, geranium, rose, royal frankincense, vitamin e

How to use: incorporated into feminine ritual, this blend is best used on the lead up towards ovulation, from one’s new moon to one’s full moon. It awakens the sensual and sublime aspects of being in community and in service to others. 

Precautions: as this blend contains jasmine, it can stimulate the uterus and is best avoided if pregnant or trying to conceive. 

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