Aromatic Eye Wash

A blend of soothing hydrosols, this will surely help with any eye issues. German chamomile, cornflower, and green myrtle dance in this blend to offer you the relief you need from the allergies or irritations that arise in spring. Hydrosol is the aromatic water that occurs through the distillation process that also produces the essential oil. Far gentler and subtler than the essential oils, aromatic waters have the oldest history of plant use, and was the product of distillation since time immemorial. It has only been recently that essential oils have been used.

1 oz mister

Availability: for mentees enrolled in the spring mentorship program

How to use: If you are comfortable with it, spray a few spritzes into the cap and then a tablespoon of filtered water. Use this as a cup for your eye, cover the whole eye and flip it upside down, open your eye, move it around, flush it out. If this doesn’t feel comfortable to you simply wet cotton cloths with a mix of water and the hydrosol and place over closed eyes. The morning of the day, the spring of the day, is best to partake in this practice, it will cleanse your vision for the day going forward. Eye health is liver health.