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I channeled this work from the Earth on March 2020. It seemed to be an essential teaching going forward. I was being woken up at 4 am everyday for three weeks as this was ushered out of me. I am humbled to be the voice to share this with each of you.

Please join me!

Sacred Musings from the Garden 
Part IV

The ability to perceive the individual as a piece of the whole has been the premise of many Earth-based healing modalities. Rather than separating various properties of life in the lab, which is what modern day science does, everything was seen as interwoven and interconnected, and to dissect one piece was to miss the main premise of life. When one approaches the garden, it helps to bring this holism into technique so one does not become too caught up with the modern day approaches that oftentimes damage the delicate microbiome of our Earth which is damaging to all of Earth’s species. 

To observe the topsoil as the skin of our planet is to know the planet is living, breathing, and beating. This area of activity should be likened to the the skin that protects the human body, and all of its inner contents. Things placed onto the skin are easily absorbed into the body, such that things placed on top of the soil become the foundation for the health of each plant. When food is taken into the body, it is earth-material digested and churned into energy and gasses. It is that energy of transformation that fuels us, the more pure the food taken in and digested, the more vibrant the energy given. Adding compost into the soil serves this same purpose – it is digested earth material. Fresh compost gives the roots of plants atmosphere, similar to how the atmosphere of air feeds the leaves of a plant. 

To see soil as the polarization of air is imperative, it is almost like a parallel and mirrored reality. What goes on below may be unseen, but it is half of the whole, the yin to the yang, creating the tension for life. The leaves of the plant are like roots above ground, the roots of a plant are like leaves below ground. And just like a human thrives better on nutritional food that the body can break down rather than supplements that just move through, the plant is healthier when compost is wedded into the soil rather than powdered fertilizer. It is the churning of life into death that creates the uprising energy of rebirth through the releasing of these gasses, igniting life below the surface. 

To till the soil is release these gasses, thus these nutrients, into the air. This depletes the soil. It is always best to disturb the soil as little as possible, if you can, always layering your technique rather than pushing it in. Whenever possible it is advantageous to look to Nature rather than trying to buy something to rectify a situation. These are observant eyes that pierce the veil of knowledge. Just like the forest, cover the soil as much as possible with organic mulch, this serves to protect the delicate microbiome. It is similar to how we can put botanical oils on the body to protect us. This technique on the soil contains the off-gassing and mitigates the moistures leaving or the soil drying too quickly. But know that the soil wants to dry, in a sense, so it can be watered again. It is through tension of hot and cold, and dry and moist, that life thrives. This method makes for less watering, richer soil, and an ecosystem to develop below this skin layer. 

The emanation a plant exudes is its life force and thus the nutritional qualities of the plant which are created through soil and air. They exist in their potency in this layer surrounding each plant, its glow, or aura; the fuzzy layer of life dancing on its surface. It is the out-breath of skin, so to speak. That is why fresh food truly satisfies more than any other food. This layer is so delicate though. Handle it too much and it is gone. This is why the food on the store shelves is lacking so many nutrients as this life force has long since passed. This leads to overeating as the body never feels as satiated. 

This emanation is the result of the atmosphere it is breathing, the soil it is churning, and is a product of the whole ecology of its location. It goes to reason that food grown without the man made additions is always healthiest. Food eaten directly from a plant is obviously brimming with this energy, if one gets so lucky. Aromatic plants also have the most obvious emanations to the nose, revealing a sustenance through the unseen. Plant food and aromatics offer a different magic, the former satiates the physical, the latter the spiritual. 

As humans we have this same emanation, revealed as aroma. All we put in, or on, off-gasses back into the atmosphere through our pores, becoming part of our community, and the globe. The principles are so profound: as close to Nature as possible. What goes on top of should be just as pure as what goes inside the body. This is how we heal the planet, and our connection to the web of life. We can then take things in more efficiently, thus needing less, and becoming wholly satisfied as a result. 

Sacred Musings from the Garden 
Part III

To perceive origin is to be reflective of the past and observant of the present all for a fruitful future. Origin is known as the original substance, the purest sustenance, the primal force of existence, and this prima materia, as the ancient alchemists knew it, is the wellspring of existence. Our inter-relationships and co-dependencies of human and creature, mammal and plant, soil and worm is an irrevocable entanglement of our original destinies displayed unequivocally in the vital participative flow of the seasons and the enigmatic sways of the pulsating moon. It marries the cosmos with communal existence. 

Origin is an invisible tendency to express life force through an inner source that beats to Nature’s drum. Plants in origin are the weeds of this planet. These herbs are easy to find, quite prolific, and they know opportunity. They pop up anywhere and everywhere and with the right conditions they will thrive. To work with these plants is to know utmost ease and vitality as they contain great quantities of nutritive juices with the least amount of work.

Wild and free, these herbs have meandered through the crevices of humankind for centuries serving as constant reminders of where we came from and reveal to us effortless engagement with season. Every cultivated plant has come through this parentage as a cultured expression of what once was. Each time a human consciously cross breeds plants, through our destiny to work with and beautify Nature, a dilution of source energy takes place. The plants that one sees in the garden, and especially the vegetable garden, are in different proportions removed from origin. Some plants like Corn were bred thousands and thousands of years ago, and others such as Swiss Chard were bred less than a couple hundred. Each plant is also in differing proportions separated from source energy based on how many times it has been cross bred or hybridized. Thus all plants known to us come from origin plants and the ones that remain in origin are suffused with primal energy. 

Much of our food now is cultivated and bred for taste buds that have become dulled to the wild juices of once fertile lands. The creatures and insects of today, having a tendency to take just the right amount of wild weeds, take far more than is normal of cultured plants to satiate the same inner nutritional hunger. This is more often the case if these plants lack nutritive soils and are grown without biodynamics in mind. This has formed the extensive use of pesticides, the “eradication” of pest was from the erosion of nutrition, yet this created and perpetuates disastrous consequences towards the wild web. Pests should be looked at as entities performing an obedience to right an imbalance and eradicating anything is an illusion, in Nature everything exists either latent or in expression, participating or waiting for the right opportunity. Nothing also is ever wasted or removed, every death rebirths life, and each life tends towards deaths renewal. Nature balances imbalances, always, or destruction occurs, the great balancer. One can truly see the fallacy of modern day agriculture.

To grow and take in myriads of weeds not only supports the diversity of the wild web but revitalizes the human being participating in their growth and taking them in. Placing or allowing these herbs to grow in the garden is an act of reverence to the origins of our kind. It is a way to remain eternally vital. Eating what is in season while conversing with these ancient plants and observing their obedience to the seasons of Nature through their life cycles is true knowledge. Nettles, horsetail, juniper, and pine are just a few of the origin plants. They have inborn protective properties that enable them to thrive on the planet, thus why they are oftentimes perceived as invasive. They are loaded with bioavailable nutritive vitamins and minerals, amino acids, and all the things that the human needs to continually evolve on the planet as part of the grand design. 

In plants is revealed the flow of life. They follow the rhythm of the watery sprouts of spring into the acids and sugars of summer, they move to produce oils in autumn which harden and solidify them for the storage and hibernation of winter. And you see this mirrored in creatures and insects. The quickening of the equinoxes is a growth phase, spring and autumn, sunrise and sunset, infant and elder. The pause of the solstices is a recollection and gathering of energy within, summer and winter, midday sun and midnight moon, adult and the in-between pause of death into life. 

So just as a plants growth stalls during the night and the highest and hottest aspect of the sun, so does a worms work, they rest during the solstices and are active during the equinoxes. The squirrel protects itself from midday heat and gathers and frolics nearer to the equinox dawn and dusk. Animals behaving in origin, being allowed to choose what to eat, when to eat, and where to eat will also be full of health and vitality as they are integrated in the seasonal changes. Animals caged and in pens given the same food day in and day out ignore their innate primal responses to life, this weakens the animal, its spirit suffers, and disease, illness, as well as myriads of other ill-effects are the byproduct. One can see why one should be very selective about the meat ingested, should one choose to consume animals, since one brings in the energy of what one consumes. It is also revealed why animals should be allowed to make their own choices for they are designed to act aligned and the human best support that.

Humans that perceive this can act congruently with Nature’s call for our modern world has become deprived of this wisdom. When these cycles are aligned with the individual has the utmost health and wellbeing for to act in this way is action in origin. Consuming origin plants in their appropriate seasons, moving with the rhythms of the year, playing with fertilities through the pulses of the moon, all of these ways are the actions one can take to return to wholeness. Gender in origin is a woman foraging, moving, busying, and tending to the family. It is the man that stills himself enough so he has an unwavering focus enabling him to shoot the bow and arrow and nail the target. When acting upon these primal urges Nature supports for life is flowing from within to without. It is organic and ever-changing, evolving and revolving. The modern day mechanistic life moves from the outer and imposes itself upon the unique individual. This stifles life force as it creates a one size fits all approach that is far too rigid to survive Nature’s impermanent pulsations. 

Returning to origin is a rebirth of wholeness, a reintegration into Nature’s wild web, a remembering of intuitive wisdom. Rekindling the seeds of origin is an out-breath of life, an in-breath of vitality. Origin is primal source. To know this center is to be an essential piece in the outflowing gift of life on this planet.

Sacred Musings from the Garden
Part II

Up, around, and down, a doorway without a door, an archway into the infinite. This portal through world’s transports one into the silent mysteries of the natural world. Step inside, cross the boundary, and become initiated into the the universal rhythms, the cosmic hymns, and the ebb and flow of galaxies. The organic material world reveals these pulsations through its interaction with the atmospheres around. An archway is one of the most powerful symbols you can place as the gateway into your cultivated garden space. 

As you enter, it becomes rather apparent that the obedience in the garden is to cosmic and planetary influences. Nothing natural ever rebels to these forces, rather they are integrated into their form as wisdom manifested. Each organic being birthed, lives, reproduces, and returns to the soils as compost. This is the web that ever-sustains. 

How beautiful is it that when you watch a bee move pollen from flower to flower you are watching a sexual act of floral reproduction. Or when you see a bird moving soil for worms and bugs it is doing so in that in may feed itself and it’s young, and in turn the soils are tilled. How blessed is this obedience, for without each act the world would not be strung together, it all would fall apart. In the garden, as in nature, everything is given equal opportunity to participate, and all things are performing an act integral to the whole. 

And so when you walk through that archway it is of utmost importance to leave the worrying’s of the civilized and the modern behind. For when you enter the magic and sacred whisperings of life, the mysteries will only be available if you are open to it. Eyes piercing the interplay, heart expansive to secrets, palms available for participation, and ears resonating to the quiet stirrings will feed the soul and its emanations. 

From being on the fringes of the miraculous you pierce the magic. The way wind creates wood, substantiating vegetation and form. How heat pushes a plant into productivity and reproductive expression. How the dampness that sets in as the heat bubble bursts restores the earth and its inhabitants. And then when autumn’s dryness withers leaf, plant, and ripens fruit, there are seeds exposed revealing endless fertility. Then to see winter and its quiescent hibernation is to know rest, that all must hibernate to become replenished for spring’s birthing. That water is only possible because of cold descending down, and the depths of water represent the yearning for source. And as each seed from autumn dances to the depths of winter it is so that in spring the winds fling life, seed, and expression out into the welcoming participation of the planetary whole. 

When we set the garden up for life to enter then we have less work in the long run. Rather the miraculous inter-dependence of creature, plant, and atmosphere reveals the inner obedience of working towards harmony, using checks and balances. Thus when you create a space you keep in mind every living thing around you and create it in such a way that all are welcome to play and rejoice upon your soils. The irony for the one tending is that the tended creates the tender, and what ushers forth is a deep reverence from the chamber of the heart, a knowingness that one comes from the soils of the earth and there one will return. 

Walk through that archway and expand out into the mysterious life force pulsating around. Vitality replenished, spirit soothed, soul fed, you are initiated into the otherworldly. Let it take you over and when you become part of the cycles of the moon and the rhythms of the seasons you enter a knowledge that no one can ever take away from you. 

Sacred Musings from the Garden
Part I

In the seed resides the flower, the flower in the seed, all is happening simultaneously to reveal the infinite in impermanence. Each flower reveals great truths inherent in sustaining longevity and accessing the timeless within. 

Ever watched a tiny seed sprout when favorable conditions prevail. Its shoots will pop from the pull of the full moon and then root deeper into the soils during the waxing moon in an obedience to the increasing gravity of the Earth. This occurs most profoundly around the gentle harmonies of the spring and autumn equinox. Then as time moves so too does the sun and under its productive rays growth is quick, an ever unfolding liberation from the soils below. Each material form animated reveals their personal life breath of sun, moon, and the atmosphere of the Earth interacting within. 

Slowly but surely the leaves reveal a bud, the bud a flower, the flower a seed, and deep inside all physical form a reproductive potential vibrates in ecstasy awaiting earthly participation. And as that first flower emerges it is the promise that there will be infinite more opening to the bountiful expression of life. Then each flowers color mirrors of a cosmic planetary influence, each movement of its form acts as an earthly obedience to an atmosphere, for they are both other-worldly and inter-worldly. In each flower head myriads of seeds slowly substantiate through heat awaiting the bird, or the bee, or the wind to spread their life force far and wide for they are utterly interdependent. This floral seduction, each alluring aroma, every titillating out breath is a vulnerable opening of reproductive faculties and is fully available to the wondering soul that is suffused by these emanations, helping the individual fold from without to within. 

Then as each flower lives so must each flower die, and though from the same plant, each plant from the same source of the all, these flowers are but an expression, a unique part of its plant self that is revealing certain aspects for the moment. This piece of the plant, revealed through each individual flower, lives, participates, withers, and dies. And it is infinite, it never ends, cared for well, tended to with love, respect, reverence, and awe, the flower symbolizes longevity, not solely in each flower but in the whole bountiful ever-evolving plant and the perpetuation of the plant through the seed. This reproduction is vitality and the unraveling reveals potential materializing, seeds spreading, life form diversifying, materiality participating, surroundings beautified, and all from the containment of the seed within. 

These aspects reside in each of us, a seed planted – the individual, and in one’s life – the unfolding pieces of personality blooming and decaying. These interactions with self and other arise as the moment calls for it, wholly unique and with certain cosmic influences manipulating. These impermanent pieces of self are always coming and going, gently revealing to the observer to relinquish that which needs to die for the blooming becomes more rapid and increasingly beautiful the more flowers that are plucked away. For in the flower it is revealed that all death returns to source through decomposition and upon this decay the soils are even more nutritious than before with replenished fertilities vibrating patiently within.

The miracles of the invisible world become utterly apparent in nature. Manipulating growth in the garden manipulates longevity inside the body. It is the skilled gardener that maintains their space full of life, beauty, and grace while beckoning in all of life; it is the cultivated individual that treats oneself with care, patience, and a love that substantiates longevity, gracefulness, and ageless wisdom within. 

Moon Speak

Lunar language is symbolic, psychic, and cyclical. Solar language is logical, linear, and linguistic. This duality symbolizes the first split from source, the yin and yang of the universe. This duality is found in these orbs: the sun is seen as yang while the moon is seen as yin. Yet within each lies the whole. This is important to wrap the mind around since these two terms can be quite abstract. In solar terms yang energy increases from the winter solstice and up until the summer solstice. It then declines from the summer solstice until the winter solstice. This increasing yang followed by decreasing yang can also be seen as yang (increasing yang) or yin (decreasing yang). In solar terms this is easy to understand for this reasoning is linear.

Yet the feminine is governed by moon speak. In terms of the moon, yin energy increases from the new moon up until the full moon, where its’ full yin is prevalent, impregnated, and bursting. Yin energy then declines from the full moon until the new moon, remember the moon is solely yin. But to truly understand this energy, the wild woman must perceive the duality. The yang portion of the moon’s yin energy is prevalent until the full moon, at which point the yin energy of the moon’s yin pervades from the full moon to the new moon. At the new moon its’ yin energy is at its weakest for Earth energy is at its strongest. This understanding is not intellectual for it defies the linear, thus it is hard to write about, the wise woman must integrate it through her practices. She takes great care to understand this, realizing that the moon’s yang is far different than the sun’s yang, as these terms are simply a polarization of whatever aspect she is piercing the knowledge of. Yin and Yang are simply terms to explain a contraction or an expansion, respectively.

Tuning in and then integrating this alchemy makes the wild woman a wisely wild woman. She looks to her orb in the sky to glean insights into her self and nature so she may use these cosmic energies to her advantage in her home and community. She sees that when Great Goddess Moon is full it is an expansive time for the planet. Seeds are sprouting animals are mating and the dark energies of the night are enlightened. When Great Goddess Moon is dark the whole world is sleeping, just like in winter, for it is in this darkness that a recalibration takes place so the conditions of birthing can be created. When the moon is growing, the energy is yang (of yin), externally focused, and has a pop similar to the masculine surfacing. When the moon is waning there is a slowness and stillness settling akin to autumn, and the receptivity of the feminine, the yin of yin. This is when roots substantiate, sperm and egg implant, and earth energy begins to take over. 

Great Goddess’s Yin (Lunar) Cycle

Knowing where the wild goddess is in relationship to her personal moon and Great Goddess Moon creates the container for her circumstances and everything occurring within is a dance she flows through. She knows her cycle so that she may be in control of her sexual energies while also letting flow her creative energies. This gives her choice and power of her body and mind. Whether she is participating in conscious conception or lunar contraception, she has the inner wisdom to pull the magic out of the rhythm of her cycle. 

personal yin (lunar) cycle

Knowledge of the most appropriate times to make love to another is one such way she potentiates sexual (or reproductive) timings by keeping the whisperings of her womb in mind. The biome of the vagina reveals when she is best prepared to join in union with another. Just as a young girl has a neutral vaginal pH so too does the yoni become less acidic while menstruating. Thus the womb within cannot defend itself as readily against the external. The pH is highest while ovulating, as her nectar is rushing out from within, creating the perfect polarity to the alkaline suitors that come in from without. This duality creates the tension that sparks life on our earthly sphere. Then as hormones wane so too does sexual interest, her moisture remaining is being reabsorbed back into the wild woman’s womb so she may use it for her spiritual faculties. The male alchemists knew the power of her nectar, so too does the wise and wild woman. Thus too much overindulgence in this phase will agitate the womb and deplete precious resources within. The days prior to menstruation are a momentary menopause, a time to recalibrate and descend for the moon is at its weakest, yin energy at its most absent, thus it is the void of the feminine yet also the absence of the masculine. The wise women realizes this is a very important moment (and time) to enter the eternal through as it is the absence of duality.

Wherever she is in her cycle, the wild goddess knows that her moon is referencing her circumstances in relationship to Great Goddess Moon and wherever she is there are certain things she can do to support the health and well-being of her womb within her personal cycle. Knowledge of these stirrings can enable her to more easily fall pregnant, or more readily avoid it, and it can also allow her to move through her moons, and life cycle transitions with ease and comfort.

An Imbalanced Cycle

The wild goddess first seeks to understand what her cycle is revealing to her. A cycle that does not have a consistent rhythm, or it deviates greatly in length from Great Goddess Moon’s cycle is irregular. Cycles can be longer or shorter than 29 days or vary considerably from one moon to the next. A long cycle simply means the goddess is ovulating less, therefore she is in a sense not as fertile as there are fewer chances for a pregnancy. This can happen in the reproductive years (as a signal from the womb) or more naturally during the first years of menstruation and the final years of menstruation, during this gateway recalibration. In the reproductive years, an egg that remains longer in the ovary in a lengthened cycle has less of a chance of making it, as it ages awhile too long waiting for ovulation (this moment is always two weeks before the menstrual cycle). Thus a longer waxing phase means an egg aging, and more time spent in a yang, doing, or masculine phase.  A goddess that is ovulating more, having shorter cycle, has more chances to fall pregnant, thus she is considered more fertile. She spends more time in the yin phase accompanied by receptive feminine energy, the space of being.

Neither of these circumstances are “right” or “wrong” it is simply information being revealed to the goddess through the womb. So she first works with the cycle she has and detoxifies the hormones of the body so that the womb may move to a more natural rhythm. The breasts are great detoxifiers of hormones and they are also sponges to toxins and estrogen mimickers. These are found in great quantities on the planet from plastics and chemicals. This wreaks havoc on the hormones. This then impacts the womb so the first approach is to work with the tissues of the breasts as they are the hormonal portal to the womb.

Recipe for Hormonal Detox & Cyclical Feminine Upkeep 

potions to potentiate personal moon cycle

Massage the Breasts

A breast massage with Lavish is brimming with the perfect botanicals to facilitate detoxification of the breasts for the goddess. When paired with yin or yang pits, the lymph nodes in the armpit also are supported to aid in this detoxification. They also rebalance the goddesses sex scent so that the pheromones she releases are in conversation with the pheromones around her. This allows her to trust her intuition and associate with the people that fit her best. Her nose will know. This breast massage starts with the base of each breast and works upwards both on the inside and outside always moving towards the armpit. Breathe deep and focus special attention on any sore spots or lumps. Gently encourage circulation with your tender touch. This self-care ritual is best done during the yang part of the cycle, the waxing phase, as the whole upper body is more active during this time in participating with the community.

Alter the Subconscious 

At ovulation coercion perfume is a botanical pleasure to spray on the body and in the hair. As a botanical perfume, it encourages sensual and spiritual states, without the hormonal detriment that synthetic and artificial perfumes deliver. The florals entwined within it have a tremendous capacity to unwind the mind and are well known aphrodisiacs. This state slows down time, allowing the goddess to linger in the raw beauty of herself and the earth. Of course, this potent potion will pull in unknowing noses of an other, coupled with ovulation, the goddess could potentially become irresistible. 

Treat the Yoni

Throughout the whole moon cycle, except menstruation, nectar is a beautiful accompaniment to the goddesses inner womb nectar. It soothes, excites, circulates, and hydrates the whole inner and outer canal of the yoni. The goddess can use this serum for play, with a lover, or simply as a potion for her feminine health, at all phases of her life. It helps to combat inflammation, dryness, unhealthy bacteria, while promoting healthy hormones. Botanicals and lipids have the perfect symmetry with the yoni, harmonizing the inner intuitive self.

Mist the Portal

On the more vulnerable days of the goddesses cycle, such as the days leading up to, and during menstruation, emanate is used for its soothing and acidic properties. It can also be used as a form of alkaline protection before and after making love and during menopause when the yoni is more vulnerable to bacterial invasion. Aromatic waters are so gentle and easy to incorporate into yoni health that all the goddess needs to do is spritz and go about her sacred play or mystical day. 

Massage the womb

The womb balm is ideal to use in the week prior to menstruation. It encourages the blood to flow and helps mitigate symptoms such as cramps, stagnation, and painful menstruation. Engaging in vaginal steaming (steaming the vagina over a pot of herbs*) in the few days before the cycle will also help the goddess to descend into her menstrual depths with ease and grace. The womb balm will also regulate blood flow, encouraging a heavier flow if amenorrhea occurs or encouraging a lighter flow if menstruation is too heavy. Simply apply to the area of the womb (above the pubic bone) and massage either by rubbing up from pubic bone to naval, in circles around the womb, or outwards from womb to hip points. Breathe and again linger on any tender places. 

After a rhythm is found within the personal cycle, these feminine lunar potions work as preventative health care for all the goddesses womanly whisperings and in all phases of her life. They create a constant connection to her womb so she does not become distanced from this sacred source of spiritual creativity. Ignoring these aspects of her feminine self creates the groundwork for dis-ease and suffering. The wise and wild woman acknowledges this and cultivates this eternal relationship with the gift of her body and its tremendous capacity to create.

Noticing the Moon 

The next piece after the goddesses cycle is in a rhythm is to notice where Great Goddess Moon is. Since the moon governs the night, it is generally the more hidden aspects of the self that the moon alights. If not observed, this can make the goddess seem like a lunatic, but with awareness, the goddess can start to use this Moon wisdom to her advantage. 

The goddess now sees that ovulation is her full moon and menstruation is her dark moon no matter what phase Great Goddess Moon is in. Thus, she can start to notice if her cycle is longer or shorter than the Moon and where she ovulates in relationship to Great Goddess Moon. She can then glean her own insights into her fertile peaks, her yang phase, her yin phase, and the navigation of her phases in relationship to her circumstances which pulsate out towards Great Goddess Moon. 

Altering the Personal moon 

If the goddess would like to alter her moon to play with certain energies then she first decides what she wants. If she would like to fall pregnant then it is best to align with a white moon cycle. By gently encouraging the body to play in this cycle she uses the potions in accordance with Great Goddess Moon, as if she were already aligned to Her cycle. 

She then allows the Dark Goddess Moon into her home by keeping lights dim or off on the nights when nature is dark. She rests. When Great Goddess Moon is full she practices a moon meditation, simply standing and staring at the full moon as it arises for a day or two before and after the full moon. This will be before, at, and after sunset. This activates the pineal gland to excite the endocrine system and ignites her wild hormones. She can play out in her community during this time, igniting ovulation, titillating talks, and engaging esoterically with the cosmos.

full moon ovulation meditation

When her cycle is aligned to the white moon cycle, the goddess would then make love before, during, and after the full moon when the energies are in her favor and she is ovulating. She can also pay attention to her lunar ovulation (the moon she was born under) and also make love then. This is her second potential chance to ovulate in the month. Adding another cosmic layer, she can pay attention to what sign Great Goddess Moon is in, knowing that Earth and Water are feminine signs, and Fire and Air are masculine signs (the moon moves through a sign every few days). She can then use these cosmic energies to her advantage as well, as she sees fit. 

Then she would let nature take its course during the waning phase of her cycle, forgoing the potions, the steaming, and any external work by simply allowing the opportunity for implantation to occur. She treats herself at this time as though she were already pregnant. If she becomes pregnant she takes the first trimester to rest from any doing, as much as possible, and forgoes the plant botanicals unless she knows what she is doing with them. However, light misting with emanate is a gentle way she can bring in botanicals during this phase because they will help calm and soothe her.

portal to conception

On the other hand, if she wishes to avoid pregnancy then a red moon cycle would support this energy. She would simply use the potions in reverse of Great Goddess Moon, so that she may ovulate under the Dark Moon and bleed under the Full Moon. This requires her to darken her surroundings during Full Goddess Moon and use lighting during the Dark Moon. Or she could simply remain working in the world, giving it her all, being there in community, for the body will also notice this and align to the red moon cycle. She would then know when she ovulates and would avoid making love at this time or of course avoid actively trying to create a baby. She would also know her lunar ovulation and treat this time as though she were ovulating as well. 

lunar contraception

The womb is revealing great secrets, the wise woman uses these whisperings to know where she is in relationship to the Great Goddess Moon for these are her circumstances. Mastery of the moon is an obedience to the Moon, a revering of the changing phases of the lunar month within, the Great Lunar cycle without, that she may be the enigmatic woman to those she finds herself entangled with. The health that flows forth is the energy that moves freely through her body and out into her world. 

*My favorite easy-to-use resource for vaginal steaming is found online at steamy chick.

As the enigmatic moon ebbs and flows,

 the wild woman weeps and howls

As the Full Goddess Moon looks down upon the wild wombs of Earth the wilderness of wombed women is howling up at her. When Goddess Moon is dark and empty her women seek her out as womb’s weep. Ebbing and flowing, this interdependent relationship is formed as a remembering to muse within the womb’s inner scape, for the Moon’s Great Nature reveals her affinities, her influences, and her enigmatic nature. 

The fertile creatures on earth all have their specific correspondences such as the horse who menstruates with the seasons, its ovulation governed by sunlight. But the Moon belongs to our species, to the primate within each woman, and recognizing Moon and womb, we stay in a dialogue with one another. 

Thus the wise woman knows the Moon of Great Nature and in this way she can understand her moon of personal nature. This allows the spaces in between to be filled with information so she can intuit inner and outer needs, personal and familial, familial and communal, allowing her to harness her goddess potential within her circumstantial layerings. 

In navigation with the Moon, a woman’s cycle percolates throughout her body altering hormones, articulating aspects of her self, and selectively substantiating  relationships in her world in ways that support her evolving creativities and gracious givings. Her moon may deviate from Goddess Moon but it is her moon that is telling her where she is in lunar-time-space. 

Within the womb the rise and fall of estrogen is similar to the waxing and waning of Goddess Moon. Aligned with a white moon cycle, the woman is playing with the fertilities in the home, bleeding as the earth pulls down her waters, ovulating as the Moon is fully impregnated. This cycle magnifies the sinuous waters of the Moon on the psyche. Menstruation will be met with emotional depths and ovulation piqued with titillating heights. The intensity in this cycle is similar to the plants correspondences with the Moon, moistening the soils for possible implantation. This cycle allows the fertilities of earth to impregnate the womb, thus it is helpful if trying to conceive. 

A red moon cycle will create a better balance within for it will polarize Great Goddess Moon. To bleed on a full moon means earth will not draw her into her emotional depths to such a degree as the white moon cycle would. This is so the wild woman can be in service to the world as a sorceress to the threads of communal integration. This helps her maintain her center in the planetary pendulum. The red woman that ovulates does so under the hiding moon, allowing her mind to be impregnated with the planetary rather than the personal. This cycle is most helpful if practicing conscious contraception.

However, in both cases the shedding of the uterus orchestrates spiritual yearnings. It is a time to linger and lavish the body as it dances between two worlds. This ignites the creative expansion of the universe within while simultaneously cleansing the watery emotions from the cycle prior. The elements and emotions of water, wood, fire, earth, and air each receive their time to cleanse the happenings of the cycle prior so each emotion is integrated within the intuitive womb. Fostering this allows a fluidity to form between her inner and outer circumstances. 

Then in Goddess Moon can you see the fractals inherent within. Through each personal lunar cycle, the inner goddess is also playing with all the phases of her life. Menstruation begins the cycle of her life and is akin the child birthed and then the babe’s initial growing. It is the sprouting of life, the simultaneous play between earth and heaven, reality and dreams. This is a phase that is raw and emotional and time is quite fluid. Thus the feminine is ushered forth as time runs counterclockwise and insights are beckoned within. Yet when not supported to linger in the in-between, such as a toddler, her emotions will run rampant as the outer world is demanding too much linear time from her. 

After menstruation the worldly goddess emerges, energized, revived, and ecstatic. This ushering into the next phase of her life, that of summer, is a re-awakening to the world and a yearning to participate in it. This can be met in the teenager, the young adult, and eventually the adult as reproduction reaches its fertile peak. Full Goddess Moon expands the mind, engages the facilities of humanity, and ignites the endocrine system through the pineal gland, the third spiritual eye. The inner egg is electrified by this and dances with glee, popping out to possibly unite and contain a soul. 

If the egg is not needed in this sacred moment of potentiality, the wild woman’s womb absorbs this egg back into her that she may benefit from its infinite capacities. The drop in estrogen with her waning moon signals her autumn phase, a withering and a slowing down within. Much depths can be accessed here for there is still energy and intellect. To begin to turn within will allow the next phase to usher her spirit forth so that as she is approaching her blood once more she lingers in the menopausal phase of her cycle: dryness, chaos, unnerving energy, and an anticipating expectancy. This return to source is for the rebirthing, thus in the winter phase of her life there is the most opportunity for the spiritual insights. The pause before the blood flows, the quiet before the baby is birthed, the silence before menopause alights the spirit, all these states expand one inarticulately and are gateways into the inter aspects of self.

The wise woman is thus revealed the importance of accessing each phase of her life throughout the whole lunar cycle. For within each phase she will be supporting that part of herself, in that time-period as its expression is existent within her, in the quantum, coexisting and cohabitating her multi-dimensional world. Thus when she fully embraces that part of her cycle, at that moment in her cycle by integrating it, loving it, nurturing it, a healing occurs within that alters the fabrics of her story, past, present, and future. This is the beauty of the non-linear moon, the personal ebbing of hormones, and the accessing of the one in the all. 

the gentle chamomile


They bathed in the sun 

And grew with the moon

Bent with the wind 

And drank in the rain. 

They pulled in the carbon 

And blew out earth’s oxygen, 

They danced under starlight 

And sang through their scents.

They entwined their aromas

And manipulated the ethers,

This pulled in the pollinators 

And promised them sustenance. 

Imprinted by without 

And substantiated within

These radiant flowers

And their cosmic forms

Alter and anchor

Our evolutionary tale. 

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I journeyed into my womb

and there I met Gaia.

She pulsed with the wisdom of the ages

and with kindheartedness she gifted this knowledge. 

She told me forgiveness doesn’t exist 

for there’s nothing to forgive 

when one acts from right action.  

I watched as in abundance she fed all her creatures

just as my breast 

is constantly meeting the needs

of my babe’s changing body. 

I danced on her fertile dirt

and couldn’t help but see the interconnections

for what I do to myself, I do to her. 

I merged with the rains of compassion,

and empathized with each soul.

I drew in the scents of the soil, 

and deepened the collective remembering.

I waltzed with her tireless hymns,

and rejoiced in this ever changing symphony of sounds.

I morphed with the beating sun,

and drank in etheric cosmic dust.

I journeyed deeper into my womb,

and found peace,

and became pure contentment,

and folded into time’s dimensions

to become one with all of life. 

In my womb I found all

and all found me. 


illustration by Laurel Haran

moon copy

It’s in the pauses between cycles,
the seemingly still,
that the transfiguration occurs
where form churns to formless.
In each retention of breath
the physical dissolves,
self hangs suspended, naked, vulnerable.
All I once knew disintegrates
and all that remains is pure consciousness,
the delicate hum of spirit
decorating my cells with wisdom,
beckoning an altered state of existence.
In that moment of radiant expansion
duality is shaken from its slumber,
the sensation of hot and cold,
the illusion of I and other,
the separation of man and nature,
all comes together in one sip of ecstasy:
a pause
union dancing with infinity,
a quiet dissolving.
Then just as quickly the layers of self trickle back in:
the sounds of the birds, I reside in California;
the smells of the air, I am in spring;
the thought of my husband – I am a wife;
the murmurs of my babe – I am a mother.
I observe these layers that make me me,
that aren’t me.
And crackling in the background
my spirit stokes fires of freedom,
constantly chiseling at fragments of separation.
I become more whole, connected, embalmed in form
for I remain human on this earth
enabled to observe the process,
empowered towards compassion,
tending towards joy.
And the heat of my primitive knowingness
rises into the conditioning of my mind
and burns away the illusions of fear, scarcity and hate
so I can trust the divine organization,
the bounty of nature,
the benevolent universe,
the tendency towards good.