Autumn Potions


Time of day: Sunset

Organs: Lungs & Large Intestine

Movement: Contraction

Portal: Nose

Internal practices begin in autumn, for it is a majestic turning point, a culmination of experience imprinted by all that has happened before. It is the yang flipping to yin and the breath out after the full and externalized dialogue of summer. This can offer feelings of relief for some, a decline of the unending summer rays. It can also feel a bit nostalgic, dark winter is fast approaching, inner will is essential to make it through to spring. The autumn of the day is when creatures start to burrow under, family starts to gather inside, and the sun descends. It begins the deeper reflections, what does each creature need moving forward? 

Autumn carries the ability to look back and perceive the abundance that enabled each to make it to where they are. This instills trust, in winter there will be enough. Autumn is the harvest and all creatures begin to gather and store energy for winters’ dark night. Ever so quickly form changes, this time instead of rising up to the sky, energy descends Earthwards. Animals burrow, roots descend, leaves fall, a new wind blows. This deliberate dance towards the Earth begins to welcome each back home, to the soils, to be recycled, and created anew. Thus autumn begins the flip of life and of the seasons. In autumn everything is moving towards winters dormancy, all of life above the soil goes to sleep, and fertility has a chance to renew itself to become revived in spring. 

The harvest of summer’s bounty begins with autumns changing temperature. It is met with sun’s declining rays following the summer solstice. Each inner compass attunes to these dimming rays, the air’s cooling streams, and energy starts to contract back to the centre. Gathering supplies for winters reveals the prescience all creatures are endowed with and that is passed down, prepare for the winter appropriately and you will make it through to spring. The last of the blushing fruits ripen and become heavy. The lingering of summer leaves lasting impressions of a sense of urgency, the opportunity to harvest is now, and to wait is to be left behind.

Autumn practices balance this flip. Both breath-work and utilizing aroma’s open up the lungs to ensure congestion does not become trapped and create a disharmony. All potions in autumn work to not only open the lungs but descend one’s energy down into the root system to replenish vitality and gather the inner will required for winter’s dark night.