Solar Potions


The solar aspects of body care potentiate the magnificent beauty lit up through the rays of the sun.  It is material, thus manifest. These potions help rebalance, recalibrate, and realign the body when used. They work to mitigate the damaging aspects of atmospheric imbalances: excessive wind, heat, dampness, dryness, or water.  They work within season to enhance the magnification of each specific seasons brilliance. These potions are a great balancer of the perennial dance within and without. 

Potions used in the morning work with the spring aspect of season. They protect the body from excessive wind that is a spring imbalance. Midday potions offer a pause when the sun is highest in the sky, they are a way to ritualize solitude when heat is at its height. Then a flip occurs, between summer and autumn, midday and sunset, where dampness takes hold. The astringent aspects of many essential oils work here to tighten and contract, stimulating the tissues of the body to expel overindulgences and strengthen deficiencies. Then at sunset, the autumn of day, dryness manifests. The moistening aspects of oils and butters help to minimize aging that comes with drying out. Then during the dark nights, winter takes hold and waters go deep. All oils and butters encourage circulation so waters do not stagnate, they move information through the body to repair the effects of the day. 

Any potion can be used at anytime, but when ritualizing body care the added element of foresight brings awareness and excitement to each act of plant reverence. Each product better balances the seasons within and those occurring without. As health potentiates through the rebalancing act of organic body care, resiliency is gained in the individual so that one can rise to the challenges of life.