Luscious Floral Lip Balm

Lips are most curiously and suspiciously placed directly below the nose, the only sense that never rests, this sense of smell. In lips we find purpose, passion, and play. Lips were made to work with the nose, enabling us to taste food, beverage, and even our children or lover. In kissing another the nose is working behind the scenes to process a chemical and reproductive match. We kiss so that we may know the inner world of our other, so that we may alter our chemistry for them, so together we are whole. 

Lips also bring in beverage, food, are exposed to the elements, and take a beating from atmospheric changes occurring. There is an inner calibration happening upon the lips that gives the individual insight into the weather changes around so the body can act appropriately. If it is dry, we moisturize, if it is wet, we allow ourselves to dry out, the lips will be the first to tell you and this we often don’t recognize.

This lip balm is deeply moisturizing, protecting, and made petal scented so you may smell sultry florals continuously, or titillate a special someone. The lascivious florals of jasmine and rose, the sultry scent of sandalwood, and the sweet soliloquy of Tonka bean entice your nose into euphoria. Each botanical is distilled in purity with nothing synthetic added, which is hard to find in many of these essences. As a bonus, sun-harmonizing botanicals balance the lips in the rays of the sun for when you are out and about. The container is also compostable! What is kind for you is beneficent to the Earth. 

0.3 oz compostable tube 

How to use: use alone or underneath lip stick to create a barrier of moisture between you and it. 

Ingredients: coconut oil, cacao butter, jojoba oil, beeswax, EO’s of jasmine grandiflorum, rose attar, tonka bean, roses over geranium, lavender, vitamin e

Use within six months for best results. Keep in a cool dark place. If it liquifies because of the heat simply place in the fridge to solidify. Know that separation is a natural part of organic products.  Always patch test before using. As with any product, if you are pregnant, nursing, on medication, or have a medical issue seek guidance from a medical professional.

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