Balmy Lip Scent


Lips are designed to be kissed, by you, your lover, or your child. Lips are also the gateway to the stomach, entry point to how you nourish yourself. Some researchers believe that kissing may be an evolutionary result stemming from sniffing, enabling ancient lovers to tell through taste and scent whether there is a chemical match.  These lip balms were crafted to soothe your luscious lips, to make them slightly scented, kissable, and irresistible. The packing is also compostable and plastic free!

Luscious Floral Lip Balm

More feminine in nature, sultry and seductive, this lip balm will draw your other in as they search for the tantalizing smell of vanilla’d jasmine and earth’d rose. It will hue your lips with a light shimmer and bring out your lips natural color.

Ingredients: jojoba oil, beeswax, coconut oil, cacao butter, essential oils of tonka bean, rose attar, jasmine grandiflorum, roses over geranium, lavender, Vitamin E

0.3 oz 

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How to use: Slather on your lips and the natural shimmer will enhance your innate beauty.