Womb Balm

Just as you allow the soils of the garden to rest and restore themselves for spring, your womb requires a sacred time to replenish itself come winter. The breast and womb balm offers a ritual that cultivates this relationship with this chamber of infinite potential. The botanicals that are orchestrating themselves within work to rebalance any hormonal dysfunctions that manifest themselves throughout your cycle. They also moisten and cool, encouraging yin energy to descend and substantiate your life force. This then fosters and supports your creative energy. It also contains the most renowned antispasmodics, roman chamomile, which can be a boon if you tend to get cramps during menstruation. Create a sacred ritual with your womb and realign your cycle to the moons eternal rhythm.

Ingredients: Jojoba oil, shea butter, cacao butter, geranium, rose absolute, roman chamomile, sandalwood, vetiver, roses over vetiver, clary sage, sage, vitamin e.

1 oz

Availability: for mentees enrolled in the winter mentorship program

How to use: this blend is best used to support feminine health during any part of your life cycle except pregnancy. It is most potent if you create a ritual of use right before you menstruate, or right before the new moon if you are looking to harmonize your cycle with the moon. Winter time will potentiate this as in winter there is a turning within and a descent down into the ancestral. Clary sage is an emmenagogue so if you are hoping to conceive, do not use. It can also be beneficial postpartum to help the uterus heal post birth.