Coercion Perfume

How manipulative are our floral allies, opening and unfolding with the sun’s rays, excreting a provocative aroma from within petals of alluring colors, and all to entice in pollinators so that the flower may reproduce. 

How beautiful this dance of nature, the inter-dependency, exhalations for inhalations, and the perpetuation of life within that. 

This scent is the reunion for the path of spirit on land, gently coercing it back to the alter of the heart after its nightly wanderings. It subdues the mind by subtly manipulating the emotions to enhance relaxed and omnipresent states. It is powerful and endearing so that you remain limitless, exuding creative potential in your endeavors. The botanicals enwrapped in this scent-scape are highly revered, respected, been used in worship, celebration, and celestial rotations to consciously participate in the union between Earth and Human. 

The first uplift is from notes of grapefruit and holy basil which are tempered by the maiden carnation. But it is the tantalizing florals that beckon the spirit back into its chamber within the heart. Jasmine sambac, ginger lily, and ylang entangled together are most fragrant just before the sun arises. Their spirits flutter with the whispers of the moon and they recollect their emanations before the subdued stirrings of the tiring sun. Together they are a trifecta of aphrodisiacs to disentangle your emotions from your mind. They take you closer to the depths, to the soils, to meet the Earth for her mysterious out-breath. This last exhale the of this perfume is sultry and seductive. Musk, sandalwood, and vetiver finish the orchestra to leave you satiated and substantiated from within self. 

The sweet coercive awakening in this perfume isn’t stimulating, rather it awakens your spirit-heart dialogue to marry each day with a profound knowingness that allows you to exude your own creative force. This allows your spirit to drive you forward rather than your mind, and it is so sneaky that you will coerce those near you to radiate the zest for life you are emanating. 

0.5 oz or 10 ml essential oil perfume in organic perfumer’s ethanol alcohol

available here.

*free from synthetics, endocrine disrupters, and chemicals