Daoist Organ Clock

Another helpful way to look at the organs is through the linear time of the day. This is displayed in the daoist organ clock below. When using an “Organ Clock” it is helpful to note which times of the day you feel consistently energized or sluggish. If you find yourself awaking in the middle of the night at a certain time this can also be a clue as to which organ is out of harmony. When one becomes incredibly tuned in to the inner body in the daoist work (or any other internal practice) then one becomes more powerful, granting the practitioner access to transformation.  

The pericardium and the three burner, or triple heater, are also involved in the summer dialogue. The pericardium is known as the physical shield of the heart, creating a protective sack. It also protects the heart internally from the emotions and heat of the other organs, as well as external pathogenic factors. The three burner produces heat and energy for the body through three processes: respiration/intake (in the thorax), digestion/transformation (in the abdomen) and elimination (in the pelvis). It is a functional energy system and regulates activities of all the other organs. It is the only “organ” in daoist cosmology that does not actually manifest into the physical realm.

organ clock