Seasonal Potions


These potions are designed for a specific season, aligning you with the seasonal shifts that pervade your sphere. During each season a different paired organ in the body has its chance to shine. By supporting each specific organ through plant botanicals, one not only engages in a seasonal dialogue that is all pervasive in the organic world, but one’s health is greatly augmented.  Plants also have affinities to seasons and thus influence the seasonal corresponding organ. The western alchemists of the 12th century that refined distillation integrated themselves with the natural world and worked to harmonize the elements and seasons within their bodies. They found this placed them in a profound state of health so they could be available to the subtle medicine of the plants as well as the whisperings of the cosmos. When they refined the matter of the Earth, whether plant or metal, they worked to extract the quintessence, or spirit, of the item distilled. They knew the same volatile and aromatic properties that enabled a plants reproduction and worked as a pest deterrent would provide the same benefits in their bodies. They were astute observers of the natural world. They were magicians, sorcerers, and medicine [wo]men.

These potions specifically recalibrate, or harmonize, the body during seasonal changes. They are great allies.