Dusk oil

dusk oil

The essences used in this blend are designed to restore skin that has been out and about all day. Cooling, meditative and soothing, this blend will put your tired skin to sleep as it works its magic on you all night long. Prized oils of Frankincense, holy basil and helichrysum have been used for ages for ritual and skin care. The earthy & herbal scents will lull you into deep sleep. 

Ingredients: avocado oil, essential oils of helichrysum, frankincense, holy basil, german chamomile, calendula, vitamin E

1 oz

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How to use: Invoke in the setting sun and ritualize the transition from day to night. Use this blend after your tasks for the day are completed to transition you to the harvest of autumn. Rub on your face, allow to rest on your skin, or wash off if you want to use it as a cleanser. If you have any digestive disturbances rub it on your belly.

“My skin is so sensitive that I stopped using any other product than avocado oil since almost 5 years – boring 😑. It’s that sensitive that it even reacts to aloe vera! I was the happiest woman on earth when I tried both face oils and didn’t get any redness or burn but instead comfort and lightness! I love their scent and I love that they make my skin glow. Overall, I feel like myself again but now I get to love my skincare!” 

~Margot Delrey