Pheremonic Perfume Oil

This is the original scent, designed to balance your inner hormonic world, this blend stands on top of some of the most regal and mystical trees that nature has on offer. Its smell evokes courage, strength, and tranquility. The smells of the desert speak of a silent repose, jasmine wafts in and out so as to enliven the sensual, and sacred frankincense and cedar sedate the mind so a wellspring of creativity is ignited from a strong core. This is the spiritual espresso to spark your creative drive, allowing you the fire to gamble life on living your passions. 

To “fix” the scent and hold it on yourself longer place it on the hairs nearest your face, and you will be left with breezes of aromatic gardens and prismatic visions of the eternal.

 5 ml roll on in jojoba oil 

Notes of: balsam amarys, royal frankincense, french cedar, jasmine grandiflorum, geranium, alpine lavender, red cedar leaf, piñon pine cone, white sage

How to use: Your body absorbs nutrients from the atmosphere and all that you put on it. Perfumes take advantage of the places of the body where blood vessels lie closest to the surface. When you rub essential oils on these places they enter the bloodstream quickly and in the plants obedience they move in the body to where they have affinities and where they are needed. Also the higher concentration of essential oil’s to carrier oil piques the sense of smell. This is an emotional sense that directly travels into your limbic brain to ignite memory or create new one’s. More powerful than vision, scent electrifies the visual center of your brain, thus scent is ethereal both within and without.

Precautions: As perfumery uses high concentrations of essential oils it is far more potent than other essential oil based products. Always spot test on the skin and wait 24 hours. If you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medication seek the help of a health care practitioner.

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