Ear Oil

This ear oil has jojoba oil as a base and it is infused with mullein leaf, chamomile, calendula, and lavender. I began this infusion right before the new moon in libra, imprinting it with final descending moon energy as well as libra’s affinity over the kidneys since the ears are the portal to the kidneys. Infusions are gentle for the sensitive ear canal and the antimicrobial, antibacterial, and soothing nature of the herbs help to keep inflammation and infections at bay. This practice tends to be incredibly grounding.

1 oz

Availability: for mentees enrolled in the winter mentorship program

How to use: slightly warm your ear oil by placing the closed jar in just boiled water. Let it warm up and test on your inner wrist for heat before you place a few drops in your ear. Lie on one side and rest with the ear oil in your ear, switch and place a cloth under the just oiled ear. If you need a stronger kick you can Bain Marie the oil in garlic cloves and place it back in its jar. Just ensure no water gets inside as the inner ear is very sensitive to water and this will diminish its shelf life. This is a beneficial practice to do in winter when kidney energy is at its strongest and supporting them now supports their vitality.