Floral waters are gentle, lightly fragrant, and incredibly hydrating. They were the original product distilled by the alchemists and were then used for everyday health maintenance. 

Floral waters used on your yoni are hydrating, reviving, and delicately scented. They serve to anoint and revere this sacred opening through which our species are built then birthed into existence. 

How to use: This mist is great used before or after love making, adding a bit of aromatic wonder and reverence into this act. You can also use it simple to freshen up for the day or to cleanse your yoni before bed.

Precautions: This blend is so gentle it can be used on infants! However, always talk to a naturopathic doctor if you are pregnant before using.

1 oz Mister

Ingredients: Aromatic Waters of Vetiver, Orange Blossom, and Rose Damascena