Eye Brightening Paste

Dark circles under the eyes can stem from a dehydrated system that is running off of adrenal fatigue, stress, and too little sleep. This is good to rectify! However, this paste can slowly rebalance any dehydrated skin or fine lines around the eyes and the face in general. It is loaded with liver loving, skin quenching botanicals that slow down the aging of the skin.

Ingredients: Baobab oil, avocado oil, shea butter, rosehip oil, vitamin E, pearl powder, matcha powder, kaolin clay, Eo’s of cypress, lemon, sandalwood, frankincense, thyme linalool, roman chamomile, German chamomile, blue tansy, helichrysum, and calendula

1 oz

Availability: for mentees enrolled in the spring mentorship program

How to use: Best used in the spring of the day, the morning, after you have done the aromatic eye wash. Simply massage around the eyes, avoiding the eyeballs and the eye lids and either let it sit and go about your day or dab off if you are going to be sweating. You don’t want to get it in your eyes! It is also good to rub over the whole face as it is a potent antioxidant and brightener if you have any spots or blemishes. Let this be a ritual that clarifies your vision for the day. What do you want to see so you shift your perspective if it is not getting you what you want?