Floral Dirt

floral dirt copy

In summer there is a yearning for the shadow, a place of respite to watch as all ripens around. Our skin thirsts for the moistures of spring and our spirit recharges in the short darkness of the night. This balm is designed to lure you into those places of deep quietude when all is bustling outside. It welcomes in rest by adorning you with nature’s night blooming florals. The butters cool, moisturize, and quell any inflammation from the days solar rays. Your skin will drink in these intoxicating elements and place you into the sensual state that blossoms as the sun descends. Let it usher you into the divine space of dreamland. Use with a lover or as your own personal ritual.

Ingredients: Jojoba oil, kombo butter, beeswax, vitamin e; EO’s of magnolia flower, jasmine sambac, ylang ylang, geranium, roses over vetiver

1 oz: $40

2 oz: $70

“There is something a little ethereal in Floral Dirt. The hand made often has this quality – something unique and special that you can’t quite describe. At night I use this balm on my face – a face that is often still salty from my ocean swims – and then, I magically sleep. It makes me sleep. It smells a little like the land and the sea and the sky – I suppose you could say I’m hooked!”
~ Beth Nelson