Forest Air

The perfect remedy for the lungs and autumn’s astringent nature, Forest Air opens and expands the breath while soothing the skin of any inflammation. Reminiscent of the wet forest of spring, the botanicals in this blend rest upon ancient oak moss, one of the oldest essences that were used. It was first used to stuff corpses, oak moss imparts its antibacterial qualities through usnic acid, a known all natural preservative. As plants impart their same qualities upon us, this blend acts as a preserver our skin, the third lung of our body. Sweet thyme performs its obedience on any chronic skin conditions and the pine’s move out any phlegm. Juniper and Cypress descend energy down into the kidneys and lower body to begin the preparations for winter.

Ingredients: jojoba oil, kombo butter, beeswax, shea butter, vitamin E, Eo’s of oakmoss, vetiver, scotch pine, red pine, cedar, juniper berry, sweet thyme, geranium, and cypress

2 oz

Availability: for mentees enrolled in the autumn mentorship program

How to use: This one is best placed on the lung meridian which moves from the outer nail of each thumb and up through the inner wrist on the thumb side then into the lungs. To potentiate its effects you can do this in the spring of the day, as the sun is setting. You can also use it as a chest rub to release phlegm. It works as a massage balm for the “intercostal massage” outline on page 93 of “A Timeless Birth“. Though great to prep the body preconception, I wouldn’t use this one during pregnancy. It is also perfect for an autumn pranayama practice to enhance its effects.