Radical self care is cleaning up your skin care routine. This cleans up your personal body and our collective waterways. Supporting small scale companies is sustainable. Toxic chemicals need to leave our earth. The art of beautifying with oil is ancient. Self massage is highly therapeutic. Your smell should not be masked, rather it should be cleansed and renewed. Smell is our primitive wiring that allows us to sniff out the right people. Exalt in it. 




Fumescent is an indulgent product line made from the highest quality organic ingredients. Beauty is natural and nature, unlike synthetics, is inconsistent. These products are hand produced in small batches and no two will ever be the same. They are dimensional, multi-faceted, deeply healing and intelligently alluring. It is food for the skin and art for the nose. In unison, the product line is a subtle yet powerful detoxifier of our emotional and physical bodies as the scents work to clear out the stale contents from the mind.




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