Fumescent is my pure, fresh, and organic seasonal-based line of potions. These are tools I use with my self-care practices and they connect me in with the Earth and her medicines. They are crafted fresh, for they are food for the body and mind. And just like you should question food that never goes bad, so should you question body products that do not spoil. Upon opening it is best to use these potions within 4 months. The perfumes and oils will last longer than a year, but you will most likely have used it all by then. How to use and take advantage of these magical, seasonal potions are explained through these pages to help you potentiate your health and well-being by creating ritual around your day and year. 

I use only organic, sustainable, and pure essential oils, butters, and oils. For an introduction to what essential oils are, I created a video here.

Due to high demand my products are now available through Pratt Daddy’s online store. Click for the full listing and the products available through each of my pages will also link you directly. Other potions are listed that are only available to my seasonal mentorship, and are there for your information. If you feel you need personal potions crafted feel free to contact me at katvillain@protonmail.com with your questions. 

Check out the article by us magazine, featuring Heidi indulging in her nighttime routine.


Each purchase connects you deeper to the earth as the fumescent facilities are off-grid, powered by the sun, watered by the rain and earth, and moved by the moon. 

For obvious reasons the potions are not returnable. They are crafted by hand, fresh, and most are made to order. For sustainability reasons I do not offer refunds or swaps. This encourages a wasteful consumer which further harms our connection to nature. Take time to read through the potion descriptions under each season. Take care to make the right order. If for any reason you a scent does not jive with you, participate and create a gift based culture, where you share these potions with others.


I am still just in total awe of your products. they are by far the highest quality products I have ever used. They are pure magic. 
What I’ve been noticing on my daily walk is that my scent is different. I am picking up smells I wasn’t picking up before and it’s transporting me back to moments in the past. I’m walking down a normal street here in New York and I am thinking of my home in the Appalachian foothills or my time spent in Peru. It’s all very wild and mystical and I am so so grateful. I realize this is just the beginning.
~Morgan Rose, Yoga Teacher, Doula 


I am continuously blown away by the immense wisdom Kat holds. Her products are made with integrity, thoughtfulness and are so incredibly unique. I always say, when you get a whiff of her perfumes you know a strong woman is behind them. I am so grateful for her creations and the results they deliver.

~Carson Meyer, Doula, Actress, Founder CandtheMoon