Fumescent is how I passionately cultivate self-care practices with my Earth potions. My magical potions are available through these pages to help you potentiate your health and well-being by creating ritual around your day. I don’t have an online shop because I believe in community over convenience. Let’s keep it personal! Browse the products, read the reviews, indulge in your health.

I use only organic, sustainable, and pure essential oils, butters, and oils. For an introduction to what essential oils are, I created a video here.

 Contact me to order: katvillain@gmail.com. 

I am here to serve YOU. 

Each purchase connects you deeper to the earth.

I am still just in total awe of your products. they are by far the highest quality products I have ever used. They are pure magic. 
What I’ve been noticing on my daily walk is that my scent is different. I am picking up smells I wasn’t picking up before and it’s transporting me back to moments in the past. I’m walking down a normal street here in New York and I am thinking of my home in the Appalachian foothills or my time spent in Peru. It’s all very wild and mystical and I am so so grateful. I realize this is just the beginning.
~Morgan Rose, Yoga Teacher, Doula 


I am continuously blown away by the immense wisdom Kat holds. Her products are made with integrity, thoughtfulness and are so incredibly unique. I always say, when you get a whiff of her perfumes you know a strong woman is behind them. I am so grateful for her creations and the results they deliver.

~Carson Meyer, Doula, Actress, Founder CandtheMoon