Helios Sun Harmonizing Oil

Just as each plant bends its form towards the solar rays, the botanicals in this blend refract the sun in through the dermal layer of the skin to harmonize this necessary cosmic food into your body. Using the sun wisely and bathing under its rays respectfully leads to radiant health and glowing skin. 

The ancient art of ritual pervades traditional culture and a daily form of worship was anointing oneself with botanicals at each sunrise. Each culture had its own god that represented the sun, worshipped to honor the predictability of its movement across the sky and throughout the seasons. To be in observance of sunrise was a thankfulness to its gifts. The sun was never taken for granted. This stellar center is the source of our solar system, the first food of life, thus it was readily revered without question. 

This blend awakens ritual for the individual that rubs the oils onto the face at the dawning of the day. It utilizes botanical oils that offer solar-protective properties that are rich in antioxidants and beaming with cell-regenerative capabilities. It is a skin-brightener, combats hyperpigmentation, and works to restore any spots on the skin from over sun exposure. It is a blend that teaches you to use the sun wisely, in the morning or afternoon, and to take cover during the sun’s midday peak, so its rays do not burn the skin, for with the sun you are always playing with fire, and it is the individuals job to mediate it. 

1 oz oil dropper bottle

How to use: use a few drops as the sun arises and work it into your face to welcome in the morning. Either leave on or rinse off, wear alone for a natural glow, or add make up on top. Using oil as a cleanser has been utilized since time immemorial to rebalance the skin without stripping away any of the precious beneficial bacteria. 

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