Independent Interdependence

We are at the crossroads. We either alienate ourselves from existence or we commingle our gifts until our revelations are sourced through our elevations.

You have a choice.

We are here to refine our frequency and use the gift our heart for the betterment of humanity. We are here to work together rather than alone, to find ease rather than suffering, to uplift our mission into a magnitude unseen.

You were put here for this moment.

And at every moment our resolve is being tested. Our spirit is being sworn into the quieter chambers within the heart so we form a deeper remembering of our unique gifts.

You were placed here.

And in this placement a perfection whispered, “nothing is by mistake, never forget that.”

We gather live Sundays at 4 pm PST. We talk on why we are bringing in frequency, what that means, and the deeper layers of our forming and merging. We speak on how we are elevating humanity at this moment in time, and we hold one another accountable. We share stories, the trials and tribulations, the joys and liberations. We make actionable plans to form the new world, to participate, to partake, and to be a beacon of light. To get the link send me an email with your WHY (

why do you want to come?

We use a frequency device, and it has changed our lives. It is called a healy.

What is the Healy you ask? Please find out more healy FAQs  here.

If you are on the fence and want to learn more, come to one of our calls. You are invited, email

If you are ready…

Purchase your Healy

The technologies will arrive when we need them, and they have.

In love and service,