art of living

To see one’s life as a form of art is imperative for transcending one’s limited beliefs about the self and the falseness of separation. It reveals how malleable and moldable one’s perception of reality truly is and how irrevocably interconnected oneself and all of life is.  True artists create for the sake of beauty and beauty alone, knowing that the tiniest ripples of joy and love create tsunamis of beauty all around. To live in this world gracefully and with joy requires skill, for it is not natural.

Living requires technique. Understanding of self and the art of moving in one’s world is an everyday practice. Inner work and outer work create a holistic existence. Inner contentment, equanimity, and nervous system regulation, are the bits of gold of the practices I use. This allows life becomes harmonious, relationships are less turbulent, and things flow with ease. Daily self care forms the centre of this dialogue and in the periphery all else organizes itself. Life becomes easier, and when one is at ease with life there is room for the spirit to move about. Spiritual practices require practical acts.

Practices that connect one into the wild web of the Earth impact the health in a positive way. It creates a life supporting dialogue with the planet that houses us. Cultivating relationships with the plants of this planet reveals the simplicity of health: Nature provides all and by utilizing Nature’s bounty the body is supported to heal itself. Aligning oneself with the seasons and the energies each transition is offering enhances vitality. Orienting to the moon while using its rhythms to one’s advantage opens the door to infinite creative potential. Alignment within is orienting oneself in relationship to all that is influencing one’s sphere. 

The inner informs the outer, the outer then reinforces the inner. That is why you have to be conscious of the life you are creating and the acts you partake in.

Within this site are simple ways to gain harmony with self and relationships.I use all of my practices and potions daily to ensure that I have sovereignty over myself to create the world I want to see while also supporting the diversity of the land under my feet. This frees me from thinking that I need any institution outside of myself for my health and wellbeing. The Earth has it all and the act of reciprocity permeates Gaia’s teachings. All this wisdom is inside. I am sharing it with you, so we can transform the fabrics of society. Personal accountability creates communal care.

It’s from the personal that ripples flow into our collective. This fosters a healing of our relationship to each other and the Earth.