Anoint Oil Perfume

The creative forces of summer’s sun-drenched splendor and winter’s whispering moon unite in this botanical blend of the highest revered of essences. Delicate and daring neroli expands Ancient Egypt’s supreme aromatic, blue lotus, to pull in dream-like cascades of the otherworldly. These and other essences sit in a bed of frankincense and wood, earthy balsamic undertones that will warm your heart to its core. Sharp and full, penetrating and calming, sultry and strong, this scent-scape will intoxicate your spirit and ignite the flames of understanding. Perfect for the quest of immortality, this blend entwines time to timeless by utilizing essences that have been used for thousands of years by the royalty, the matriarchs, and the alchemists alike for transcendental experiences. 

5 ml in jojoba oil

Notes of: sandalwood, frankincense, french cedar, myrrh, blue lotus, lavender absolute, lavender, neroli, grapefruit, orange

How to use: This oil is best used as a ritual practice to connect in with the higher forces inside of oneself. This ability to transcend and move beyond one’s primitive urges is what all cultures should strive towards. Rather than fear, one chooses love, rather than scarcity, one lives in abundance. Blue lotus rekindles this spirit inside oneself as the culture that used it, the Ancient Egyptians, were constantly working towards these higher ideals. 

Precautions: As perfumery uses high concentrations of essential oils it is far more potent than other essential oil based products. Always spot test on the skin and wait 24 hours. If you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medication seek the help of a health care practitioner.