Lucid Dreams

This blend plays with the winter of the day, the starlit night and the moon’s glow. Dancing in this golden oil are scents that evoke the spirits of dusk to usher you into divine dream space. It comforts mourning emotions, heavy thoughts, and transitions you into the ethereal heights that enable lucid oversight of self. Blue lotus is a rare and highly prized exquisite oil. Let me welcome it into your life. You will be left with feelings of amorous love and resplendent resolve. 

Did you know that the sense of smell is the only sense that is conscious in sleep. Using these oils before bed with a dream practice such as recall, lucid dreaming, or simply unearthing deep wisdom will potentiate your entire nighttime experience. These ancient Egyptian oils work to well up within you the stuff of your early ancestors. This is a potent spiritual remedy and works the more ethereal aspects of your self. A very sacred flower for many ancient civilizations, especially the matriarchy of ancient egypt, blue lotus is known  for its aphrodisiac qualities and to alter one’s perception of reality. Roses are one of the oldest flowers to have been distilled as unlike other flowers, they relinquish their oils to the intense heat of distillation. Frankincense was once worth more than gold, and has been used since time immemorial. This simple but profound blend works on the spirit, the purity of its aroma will reveal that to you.

5 ml roller bottle

Ingredients: jojoba oil, EO’s of rose attar, rose absolute, blue lotus, royal frankincense, vitamin e

How to use: As a Ritual Oil, this blend acts as a portal that draws you in to your inner senses. Unlike heart affair, this one  is personal. Whether using before meditation, dreamwork, a yoga practice, or any other sacred and quiet act, it offers the presence that these practices demand. They are like the archway into the garden, you enter a secret world of invisibilities, suffused with magic. In feminine ritual it is best used as one’s moon becomes quiet, from ovulation until menstruation. Revering our bodies, this blend uses some of the most sacred, ancient, and revered oils. Allow them to take you into subtler dimensions, beyond the material world we are so accustomed to living within, and observe as they pull you back to the core of who you are.

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