Magical Sunscreen


The sun is a delectable source for vitamins and minerals but sometimes we need protection. This all natural sunscreen is made with the kindest ingredients to protect and nourish you from the sun’s hot rays. Chemically laden sunscreen on the market today creates more harm than good. Rest assured this blend is crafted with non nano zinc that sits on your skin, instead of entering your body, leaving your liver free to not have the burden of sifting out toxins. It has plant healing botanicals that offer the benefit of skin hydration, but also masking the sunscreen smell. This tinted sunscreen is at least SPF 20. Reapplication is recommended if you’re sweating in the sun. When in the water the ingredients solidify slightly, allowing it to remain on your skin. Perfect for water lovers.

Ingredients: coconut oil, cacao powder, jojoba oil, beeswax, shea butter, zinc oxide, vitamin e; essential oils of helichrysum, lavender, roses over geranium.

2 oz

Availability: Summer

How to use: Place anywhere the sun will hit if you are out between 10 and 3. If you are sweating reapplication is necessary. If using in the ocean, the ingredients will solidify slightly on your skin and provide a great barrier so you can play in the water for quite a while! Always use the sun responsibly, there is a reason animals burrow under during the heat of the day. When using the sun intelligently, her medicine is best before the sun is too high in the sky. This one is truly for the human that still has to get stuff done during the day!

“I am a man who is prone to unfortunate odors that emanate from my under arms. Moreover, I have an auto immune disease that causes my face to be more succeptible to sun burn. Miraculously, and to the joy of the people to whom I am closest, Kat’s deodorant and sunscreen, have transformed me into a less odorous person who gets out of the water with silky smooth and evenly tanned skin. These products are so effective that I’d use them without regard for the ingredients. The fact that they are handmade and healthy, is the causal cherry on top, for any low down dirty dude to make them a part of his daily routine. I am grateful to her.”

~Michael Fujikawa

“I’ve tried so many different skin products, all different price ranges and Fumescent products are, hands down, my favorite. Every product I’ve tried makes my skin look radiant and feels absolutely luxurious just to put it on 🙂 My favorites are the sunscreen and the nourish jam. Both feel delicious to put on, are helpful/healing and make my skin look fantastic. I get complimented on my skin on the regular! I feel the love, care and intelligence infused in each product. Thank you for these beautiful products!”

~Blaire Lindsay, Feminine Embodiment Coach