This serum can be used for play, hygiene, with a lover, or to recover.

Almost every vaginal imbalance stems from a microbiome disharmony. This effects the pH of the vagina and interferes with hormonal production which then results in a lack of lubrication, further aggravating any condition. Supporting the yoni’s ability to heal through plant botanicals is a very safe way to balance your inner ecology no matter what phase of your womanhood you are in. 

This oil blend strengthens the gateway to the vagina, boosting the beneficial bacteria while keeping the harmful at bay. It is filled with plant botanicals stemming from seeds. Since the vagina is the home for millions of seeds throughout one’s lifetime, the use of seeds will potentiate the health of a seeds home. Like treats like. 

The fragrant botanical matter that is extracted from a plant in the form of essential oils is the reproductive faculty of the plants, and oftentimes reproductive secretions. These essences serve the same purpose in our bodies, supporting the infinite creative potential that lies within us, whether child-bearing is on your mind or not. To use the reproductive emanations of a plant for your own reproductive chamber is a beautiful and harmonious substance to place inside of this cavern. No chemicals, synthetics, or otherwise should ever find their way into this space for they disrupt and irritate the vaginal wall and entire hormonal system.

1.7 oz spray pump

Ingredients: Pomegranate oil, black seed oil, jojoba oil, red raspberry seed oil, rosehip seed oil, vitamin e, EO’s of geranium, palmarosa, carrot seed, german chamomile, rose otto, ylang ylang

How to use: Filled with tissue soothing, cooling, circulating, antimicrobial, and antibacterial botanicals, this serum can be used for play, hygiene, with a lover, or to recover. All of the ingredients support the ecology of your vagina.  

Precautions: Avoid using this oil if you are newly pregnant. You can use beyond 18 weeks to prep the perineum for labor. Always patch test before going all the way, both on him and her. Its completely edible, and carries the same antiseptic (especially on the tongue!) properties that essential oils are endowed with.  If you are ok with the taste, then indulge!  It tastes “clean”.

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