Online Mentorship

Ritual Magical with Fumescent is an online mentorship that uses seasonal fumescent potions to potentiate health and wellbeing. Following upon the alchemists from time immemorial, this mentorship opens the doorway to timeless wisdom that can enable you to move through our modern day times. When magic is relevant, it becomes useful. 

Before science and the rational mind dominated the mainstream paradigm, there were sorcerers that listened to the wisdom of plants, magicians that used the elements to transform plant matter into medicine, and humans that practiced preventative health techniques with these remedies to transform their internal chemical make up and avoid ill health.

And just as certain plants appear during different seasons, these internal alchemical practices also shift to adapt to the changing circumstances of your sphere. Magic works with positioning – where are you located, what is around you, and how are you going to use it to your advantage?

This mentorship will guide you through seasonally specific and life-cycle relevant internal alchemical practices through observing self and nature. This allows divine wisdom to flow through you. The more refined the practice becomes, the easier life unfolds, and it is in supporting one’s body and mind that the spirit has a place to reside in ease. Health becomes the baseline for spiritual practices. Spiritual practices then inform health. It becomes a feedback cycle that gives you more. 

Our plants give us immeasurable insights into obedience. They bow down to the natural forces around them and reside in their state of being, effortlessly. When watching plants, one observes how an entity can reside in a state of interconnected beingness. The elements animate the life of the plant, keeping them irrevocably entrenched in the web of life. They show you how to find your way back to your own unique expression. As you take plants in, whether through food, herbal infusions or decoctions, on your body, or through your nose, you are taking in the vibratory energy of each specific plant, the ground in which they were found, the elements that impacted them, and the one who did (or didn’t) tend to them. Their magic is multifaceted and truly cannot be quantified by scientists.

You will also begin to realize that though they move through their own revolution, like us, it is never truly the same. For when you pick a specific plant, at a certain time, on a unique day, and in a particular season it is carrying within it the mathematics of the cosmos at that moment in time. And though the time of the day, the specific day, and the particular season may come again, the moment never will. The mathematics will be different, and therein lies a tremendous amount of magic. This shows you that there are opportunities to act and if you miss them the moment will never happen again. It becomes an art to be present, to know when to act, to act, and then to move forward for the next opportunity. You don’t look back in regret, you look back with a reflection that gives you the appropriate insights to move forward so you, in turn, complete the revolutions that eventually lead to your evolution.

The mentorship begins at the turn of each season. The next deadline for the application form for mentees is February 28, 2020 for the Spring session beginning on March 20th. Please not due to shipping the pricing has increased to $535 for those in USA ($25 extra for those in Canada). The syllabus is here. This ensures you get your potions on time. There are a limited number of spaces so the sooner you get your application form in, the better chance you have to be on the mentorship. You can find more information here. If you want to be put on the waitlist for each seasonal opening email Kat at with your application form filled out. 

Here are the potions (and practices) you will be receiving, most are on my site for more information and some are only available to the mentorship.

Autumn – Breathwork
Forest Air (2oz)
Devotion Perfusion
Yin Pits (1 oz)
Dusk Face Oil
Zhi Oil (10ml) Kidney Meridian Medicine

Winter – Feminine Embodiment Practice
Breast and Womb Balm (1oz)
Pheremonic Perfusion
Ear Oil
Lucid (5ml)
Hun Oil (10ml) Liver Meridian Medicine

Spring – Asana Practice
Nourish Balm (1 oz)
Dawn Oil
Yang Pits (1oz)
Aromatic Eye Wash (1 oz)
Eye Brightening Paste
Shen Oil (10ml) Heart Meridian Medicine

Summer – Participation Practices:
Suspend (1oz)
Floral Dirt (1 oz)
Affair of the Heart (5ml)
Yi Oil (10ml) Spleen Meridian Medicine
Po Oil (10ml) Lung Meridian Medicine
Lip Balm

During the mentorship you get exclusive discounts on fumescent potions