The Pheromone Pharmacy is crafted to align you with nature. Our aphrodisiacs are designed to deepen your breath and infuse more joy into experience. Each scent offers an ever expanding experience to the wearer, usually invoking emotion and memory. Scent can unlock the unconscious, enabling us to become empowered and aware of ourselves in relation to the world. Soothe your senses and your nervous system with our rebalancing blends.

Adorning yourself with nature’s botanics is a tantalizing and alluring way to find more magic in life. Plant essences can also be highly therapeutic to the wearer and those in scent proximity. It is a subtle way to manipulate your nervous system. Our hormones directly affect our sense of smell and our sense of smell alters our hormones. To strengthen and exalt our sense of smell is a very simple way to become more in tune with our inner tune. Harmonize and adorn yourself with these gifts of Nature. 

Perfumery was initially an ancient practice reserved for the noble and wealthy. Perfumery and pharmacy used to be one and the same thing. Prior to the rise of synthetics in the early 1900’s, natural essences from plant and earth material was highly prized. Unlike synthetics, natural essences release an orchestra of ever changing smells as they converse with your pheromones. They will always smell different depending on the wearer, and even the wearers’ mood. It’s something of the mysterious to use these natural scents, smelling their evolution as they converse with your scent and each other to create something new.


Ignite your creative drive

This is the original scent, designed to balance your inner hormonic world, this blend stands on top of some of the most regal and mystical trees that nature has on offer. It’s smell evokes courage, strength, and tranquility. The smells of the desert speak of a silent repose, sedating the extreme emotions to inspire a wellspring of creativity. This is the spiritual espresso to spark your creative drive, allowing you the fire to gamble life on living your passions. 


Fight the pull

This blend is a potent aphrodisiac crafted to unwind your nervous system when the moon is at it’s most magnetically full. Sensual and exotic, musk and ylang ylang work in harmony to ground the mind when your emotions are being pulled. Night blooming florals exude their most precious scent under the mystery of the moon as your heavy thoughts are alleviated. Usher in the dream state of the night so you can have the repose to distinguish what you need from what you want. The result is a more magnetic you. 


Embody femininity 

Sweetly alluring, the oils used in this blend all harness a feminine energy that allows you to access your unique emotional states from a place of acceptance. Like the feisty feline, always on it’s own journey, this scent is designed so you embody your current state. The most powerful and highly sought after oils of rose, rose attar, helichrysum and blue tansy connect you into your heart while the citrus and piney smells dance in the garden of your soul. A sweet dry out lingers on your skin as your mind and emotions are soothed. This one is crafted for the women. 


Revering Ancient Self

This one is seasonal. A spring scent reminiscing of a time long ago. Much different than the scents I typically make this one invokes the spirit of an Arabian night. Notes of Patchouli, Rose, Vanilla and Frankincense dance in a dry dusk sky. It’s spicy with a sweet dry out marrying an ancient recipe: sugar and spice and everything nice. Filled with clarifying, sedating, and anti-anxiolytic essences, this one feels channeled for these specific times, as “life as we know it” is disrupted.

roll on 10 ml in jojoba oil $60

roll on 5 ml in jojoba oil $30

trio of 5 ml roll on $85