Cadence Perfume

One of the most exotic compositions of the line, cadence invokes the romance and juxtaposition of sun drenched skies and moonlit nights. The intermingling of yang and yin, flower and wood, is what gives it its character. It is mighty and fierce, entirety soft and delicate. A true harmonizer of the psyche, strengthening the timid, and subduing the overly controlling. 

Amongst the smoky, woodsy notes is a blend hypnotically floral. Oud and champaka work masterfully in this blend to entangle spirit, and disentangle mind. It is piercing and penetrating. It will not be unnoticed, rather it draws the psyche into its scent and awakens the erotic once left behind. It allows the fierce and fiery feminine to take hold so that strength meets the soft, resiliency meets the delicate. This entanglement of the moment endows one with the most exquisite intuition on how to act for in true observance of a flower one can truly perceive its atmospheric telecommunications netting conversation with the elementals. Each flower is constantly changing to meet the shifting moment, and in turn it is granted resiliency and competitive edge. When drawing on present moment information, one always makes the correct decision. Use this one as a bold empowerment. 

5 ml spray vial with 200 proof organic perfumer’s alcohol

Notes of: oud, sandalwood, tobacco blossoms, henna attar, rose absolute, pink jasmine, champaka, ylang, blood orange, neroli sur petitgrain, mandarin petitgrain, lavender absolute 

Precautions: As perfumery uses high concentrations of essential oils it is far more potent than other essential oil based products. Always spot test on the skin and wait 24 hours. If you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medication seek the help of a health care practitioner.

How to use: Use as you would any perfume and spray anywhere you would like the scent to linger. Since these are all natural botanicals they will last longest on clothing and hair, but you can also use on the nape of your neck and chest.