A twist on perfumery, The perfusions are crafted to align you with specific qualities that carefully selected botanicals instill. These are potent remedies, as the Essential oil content in these vials is much higher than balms and face oils. Many are aphrodisiacs, designed to deepen your breath, regulate your hormones, and help the bodies ability to defend itself against modern day (or civilization) illnesses. These tend to be chronic stress, and emotional and mental imbalances such as ADD, anxiety, insomnia, asthma, etc.

Adorning yourself with nature’s botanics is a tantalizing and alluring way to find more magic in life. Pure plant essences, those free from synthetics and chemicals, tend to be highly therapeutic to the wearer and those in scent proximity. It cleanses your whole sensorial field, that which exudes from you, into your circumference (Wei chi field). It is a subtle way to manipulate your nervous system. Our hormones directly affect our sense of smell and our sense of smell alters our hormones. To strengthen and exalt our sense of smell is a very simple way to become more in tune with our inner tune. Harmonize and adorn yourself with these gifts of Nature. 

Perfumery was initially an ancient practice reserved for the noble and wealthy. Perfumery and pharmacy used to be one and the same thing. Prior to the rise of synthetics in the early 1900’s, natural essences from plant and earth material was highly prized. Unlike synthetics, natural essences release an orchestra of ever changing smells as they converse with your pheromones. They will always smell different depending on the wearer, and even the wearers’ mood. It’s something of the mysterious to use these natural scents, smelling their evolution as they converse with your scent and each other to create something new.



Sexy. Sensual. Seductive.

This is the original scent, designed to balance your inner hormonic world, this blend stands on top of some of the most regal and mystical trees that nature has on offer. It’s smell evokes courage, strength, and tranquility. The smells of the desert speak of a silent repose, jasmine wafts in and out so as to enliven the sensual, and sacred Frankincense and cedar sedate the mind so a wellspring of creativity is ignited from a strong core. This is the spiritual espresso to spark your creative drive, allowing you the fire to gamble life on living your passions. Available here

Amber Bouquet

amber bouqyet

Soft. Sweet. Charismatic. 

A boon for the emotions, this botanical fusion is centered around the heart’s florals. Jasmine, lilac, ylang, and carnation are all encased by amber base and top notes to warm one’s spirit and excite one’s senses. It rekindles the fire of compassion and abundance, and is a constant reminder of the gracious scents of Summer. 



Resiliency. Strength. Courage.

This blend is designed to instill fortitude in hard times. Whether it is a life transition, the death of a loved one, or simply a challenging time, the pine and cypress work to not only open the lungs for a deeper breath but also descend you into your root system to cultivate the soil’s of self with a solid foundation to weather any coming storms. Rose, clary sage, and jasmine hold it all together, allowing stresses to unwind from the body and any nervous system dysregulation to stitch back into a harmonious whole. If you want inner resilience, this aroma will infuse this into your being. 



Reverent. Wise. Timeless. 

Invoke the spirit of an Arabian night and play with that same excitement that the ancient Arabs had when they began traveling lands far away to find information from other cultures as well as exotic plants to use with their natural remedies. Early alchemists, these people worked to refine self in relationship to world. Notes of Patchouli, Rose, Vanilla and Frankincense dance in a dry dusk sky. It’s spicy with a sweet dry out marrying an ancient recipe: sugar and spice and everything nice. Filled with clarifying, sedating, and anti-anxiolytic essences, this one feels channeled for these specific times, as “life as we know it” is disrupted.

Powdered Moon Dew

moon dew

Calming. Sedating. Patient. 

This specific blend was crafted under the Samhain full blue moon to smooth out the emotional turmoil of the collective and global intensity of our times. It contains certain botanicals that luxuriate under the wet dew of the moon. Oakmoss and Greenland moss work to not only invoke the emotional waters within you, but they work to smooth out overarching emotions that shoot out, such as anger and frustration, thus soothing the liver. It contains botanicals high in linalool, such as rosewood and lavender absolute, the chemical constituent that is well known to sedate and relax the nervous system. No emotion quelling blend would be complete without jasmine. Along with her, balsam Peru and musk mallow, all the sharp edges of the potent medicinal botanicals are softly rounded and complete the orchestra so you still get their immense benefits. Your nose will first hit notes of juniper, pine, and blood orange, but slowly this blend will morph and transform to leave you with a smooth, sweet, and powdery dry out. It will increase your well of compassion and patience to the turbulence that is around you. It will allow you to open up to the more caring and altruistic pieces of yourself. Available here.

roll on 5 ml in jojoba oil

Availability: enquire with Kat if you would like to personally order perfume oils

How to use: Your body absorbs nutrients from the atmosphere and all that you put on it. Perfusions take advantage of the places of the body where blood vessels lie closest to the surface. When you rub Essential Oils on these places they enter the bloodstream quickly and in the plants obedience they move in the body to where they have affinities and where they are needed. Also the higher concentration of Essential Oil’s to carrier oil piques the sense of smell. This is an emotional sense that directly travels into your limbic brain to ignite memory or create new one’s. More powerful than vision, scent electrifies the visual center of your brain, thus scent is ethereal both within and without.


These blends are all for the lungs, the emotions, the heart and they recalibrate the nervous system as they have an affinity to the fatty tissues in your body. The best places to use them are like you would a perfume, place them on the inner wrist and rub together, this will hold the oils in. The meridians on the whole inside of the wrist are the lungs and the heart (and pericardium – protector of the heart). By using the perfusion here you will benefit both breath (anxieties) and emotions (the heart). Using these blends behind the ears and on the neck place them in scent proximity to you and those that come into contact with your sensorial sphere. If you place a little on your hair it will last much longer as hair holds scent much longer than on the body. These scents will change and evolve throughout their time on you and it offers an ever changing aromatic experience. They will alter your whole daily experience, how you perceive it and how you digest it. This is magic.