Available in winter, this blend targets the joints of the body where cold inflammation can oftentimes linger. Eventually this can manifest as arthritis, a chronic cold pain in the body.

The resin that oozes from a tree has the purpose of cleansing and healing any wounds that occur in its skin (the bark). This protects the tree against infection and invasions. The same properties occur in us when we use resins.

The balsamic scents in this blend warm the body and support the lungs. The boswellic acids from the frankincense used are known to help against joint pain, arthritis, asthma, and even against certain cancers (in vitro tests). Opoponax infused jojoba oil warms the body, treats wounds, and clears respiratory congestion. It also has antiseptic properties. Turmeric and ginger are well known their ability to fight inflammation and also heat up and purge the body of pathogens. Since many pathogens travel in through the porous pores of the skin, this balm is a boon to tighten the defenses of your Wei chi field.

This balm was designed to support the lungs when the weather turns cold, as this is the most injurious atmospheric influence on the lungs. It is also good for any spot treatment for wounds, cuts, or scrapes, and is also a great massage balm for cold winter nights as it will heat you up through your core. It leaves a sweet and balsamic scent on your skin which works to restore any weak conditions in the body.

1 oz jar 

Ingredients: Opoponax infused jojoba oil, shea butter, beeswax, frankincense concentrate, helichrysum, black & white frankincense, benzoin, balsam Peru, tangerine, ginger, turmeric, vitamin e

How to use: Slather on your chest, your back, your whole body, anywhere you feel pain or inflammation. Use it if you have any chest congestion. If you have wounds or discoloration on your skin use as a spot treatment. This one is truly the most comforting balm I craft.

Use within six months for best results. Keep in a cool dark place. If it liquifies because of the heat simply place in the fridge to solidify. Know that separation is a natural part of organic products. Always patch test before using. As with any product, if you are pregnant, nursing, on medication, or have a medical issue seek guidance from a medical professional.

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Time of day: Night

Organs: Kidneys & Bladder, Reproduction

Movement: Descending

Portal: Ears 

The space that exists between life and death is found in winter, thus this season is hard to navigate because it is tough to know. Hesitancy hovers all winter for the anticipation of spring, the opportunity to participate, and the unknowingness of what lies ahead. Thus all the work of the previous seasons is for this moment, and all you did will be revealed: did you gather just enough to make it through that nothing is wasted, that all were fed. The secret of winter is in the being, the slowing of the breath, the quieting of the heart, the residing in spirit.  In winter it helps to play for the light, so you can rise of your choosing, this then ensures you feed yourself through your inner light. 

As you plunge into the darkness of winter, it is your internal practices that will keep you afloat. This season is the time to play with reproduction and fertility and get to know the moon. This ensures that when spring comes you are prepared to sow your seeds. Since all energy descends down, the lower body is animated: sexuality, dreams, primitive nature, and the lunacy of the moon. The deepening of scent and using the botanicals of summer work as a reminder of the graciousness of the earth when all is in dormancy. Natural aromas lift one up and instill a sense of inner peace. Warming blends also help to move to coldness out of the body, where it can become stagnant and manifest as pain. Winter is the cavern, the storage tank, and in it lies everything gathered of the previous seasons.