Spring Potions


Time of day: Dawn

Organs: Liver & Gallbladder 

Movement: Rising

Portal: Eyes 

The soliloquy of spring initiates the hymns, fables, and myths of a humanity. The beckoning to be born anew is repeated each day as a reminder of the innocence of experiencing things in their primacy. Spring commences in the pregnant pause before the sky lightens. This moment is akin to a seed, the whole entire manifestation of reality slumbering within it. A silent expecting and a reverent anticipation creates this momentum for the day. 

Moments before dawn flaunts her ecstatic brilliance invoking all creatures to dance on her soils an inarticulate tranquility is palpable. Reside in this moment. Wake for this moment. Merge with this moment. The whole creative force of existence can be found as night turns to day. Use it to your advantage for this is the fertile womb awaiting implantation and the just warming atmosphere of dreaming creatures. This is the source from which your heart’s longings arise. 

Spring spins the wheel of the year by restarting cycles of abundance after a quiescent winter. She dances in and out of her fullest expression. At times she references back to winter, taking a pause within, then she dips into summer, heating up the Earth in bursts. Reverently she finds herself sprouting, shooting, darting, and bolting around like the rodents, insects, and birds of springs bounty. 

In spring a natural inclination arises for all animals to look without. It is the vision towards the future that enlivens spring, allowing each longing creature to make it through winter’s dark days. But there’s always a vulnerability in spring, that you come out too soon and winter ebbs back in, and you won’t make it. There’s also the risk that you come out too late and you won’t grow to your potential come winter, you won’t see through the cycle. That is why spring is an opportunity, the wind changes course, fresh air moves in, moisture abounds, and the urge to drink in the suns warming rays impregnates the void of winter until all of springs creatures rejoice in unison. The gift that spring brings is the endowments of life itself. 

Spring practices begin the active external participation premised upon the internal alchemical practices of autumn and winter. Understanding divinity through each plant, tree, and species, allows the same benevolent forces to flow through oneself. This season harnesses the planting cycle that is governed by the moon. Its energy is a quickening of going out, as the light in the sky rapidly increases during the spring equinox. This energy is used to begin new projects, to plant seeds, and to quickly get things going. The inner urge of outer movement in spring pumps the lymphatic system to ensure the stagnancy of winter moves out and does not turn into illness. Spring is all about the tendons and joints, the eyes, and the vision towards the future.