Summer Practices


The start of summer is initiated by the mathematics of the summer solstice. This is when spring ripens into summer, Raphael passes the grail to Uriel so the rulership of the archangel changes and all external characteristics shift, a different spirit presides over the land. This is a powerful turning point. Days increasingly grew longer up until the summer solstice. The wheel turned and now days become increasingly shorter until the winter solstice. This is also mirrored in the moon’s fullness, the bursting of the waters.

Just like we change our clothes in the seasons we also change our food, our rituals, and our practices. This keeps us fluid in the face of change and allows us to recalibrate ourselves constantly in relation to that which is around us, while also respecting our interconnection to all. Our relationship to the sun is constantly changing and we are being fed each season by different cosmic influences. Our sun is a very strong food source in summer. You will find you gravitate towards lighter and cooling foods, trust in this wisdom. The sun is nourishing you deeply giving you necessary solar nutrients.

The heart of all creatures is fed in the summer but all of this heat is to be used wisely. Just as plants wilt and cower under the scorching rays of the electric sun, so too does our life force. Summer is met with many moments of rest, a yearning for the shadow, and a respite with each breeze. Practices in summer include more time to nurture relationships with those around you, as summer governs the heart, our hands, and our desire to be with community.

Listen and linger with summers inner knowing. For just as spring gives the first momentum and movement out of winter, summer beckons us back to ourselves, to watch with reverence as our gardens burst with life, enabling us to trust in the miraculous at play. It is to set up the conditions in spring so that in summer we can gather on the soils under the sun drunk sky. The art of intentionally living is to see these patterns before they arise then position yourself well so you can act on each opportunity.

Earthing Practices

In summer a yearning for the dirt is inevitable. The moist and cool soil is a reminder that all things closer to the earth do not take as much of a beating to the elements. It is in these boundary layers that we snuggle. All creatures descend closer to the ground on the hot days, burrowing under, performing their work early in the day or nearing dusk. Whenever you can connect the soles of your feet with the soul of the earth. Let the negative charge of the planet recalibrate your inner rhythm. This will rebalance any extreme charges within you which can express itself as turbulent emotions. This can happen if too much heat gets trapped inside our bodies, if we aren’t taking the necessary rest to cool off.

There is so much space for togetherness in summer for this season animates the material world. Be together with the planet and let her hold you. When in a seasonal relationship with yourself and your surroundings, preparation becomes a way to better participate with this rhythm. In this way you are not pushed over by the forces that are always at play, for they always have an effect on you. As a conscious being you can participate to potentiate life within these pulsations.

Mediate Polarity by Playing Opposite

We are constantly mediating polarity. This tension creates the animation of life. In summer it is to your advantage to also know how to play winter. In the dark nights we go within, thus summer is an opportune time to have night rituals, especially in the winter of the day, to welcome in sleep and dream space as it is harder to come by with the days never ending rays. Begin your night ritual after the sun has descended.

Know that as the seasons change, so does everything. Your skin becomes more tanned in summer as you drink in the stellar food of the sun. But it is also important to know too much sun will burn you. Thus arises a respectful relationship with the solar rays that beam down. 

The effort of summer takes place in community. The real practices are to connect you to that which is outside of you and then balance the out with the in. Polarity is essential in any give and take relationship. Honor moments inside, use techniques to enable sleep to come easy so you can recharge, and engage yourself with the world in a way that feeds the fires of your heart and the waters of your soul. Too much sun can burn you out, so summer is the true mediator, when you are pushed by the sun can you listen to your inner voice that tells you how to take care of you, so you can better fill up your cup first?

Skin Potions to Counterbalance Solar Energy

Potions to protect and nourish sun kissed skin are paramount to an insightful summer practice. This allows you to protect your most important boundary layer, the third lung, from any damage that happens from overindulging in summer.

Since the sun energizes us, keeping us awake and alert, it is imperative to know the night. It is when darkness descends that our body produces melatonin from our pineal gland and the body begins to repair itself. With the shortened nights of summer, we have less of this precious recharging time. Thus, floral dirt is the perfect balance to this cosmic energy. It can used be as a sensual massage balm to initiate this portal between yourself and another for in summer the heart is fed by togetherness. Let it be a conscious practice. Floral dirt can also be used when you have gotten too much sun as it’s cooling effects moisturize and soothe your skin. The night blooming florals connect you with the moon and that which can’t be seen. They deliver you dusk, lulling you swiftly into dream space so you can float on the ocean of your soul.

Sunscreen is also a necessary piece if you wish to stay outside longer than you actually should or when the rays are strongest. As humans we have the gift to see it, use it, and manipulate it. Everything you use should be kind, benevolent, and always tend towards good as everything comes around full circle. The ingredients in my sunscreen do that for you, the planet, and her waters. Conventional sunscreen is toxic to our whole wild web, on land and in the waters. Everything is connected. Be conscious. This sunscreen is tinted, so you can hardly see it on, and also heals burns if they have arisen. As a bonus it doesn’t smell like sunscreen and complements all the unique  scents of fumescent.

If you have a child you will undoubtedly want your little one to accompany you as you enjoy the abundance of the sun’s rays. Their skin is more sensitive than yours. I have crafted a gentle sunscreen for the little ones. Since less is more it is also a diaper balm and rash cream. 

Summer is full of life. How will you participate?