Summer Practices

The Fruits of your Labor

Can you feel spring pulsing away from winter, and cycling closer towards summer. The lengthening days and the beaming sun is a sign that abundance is at hand.

Spring slowly cycles towards summers verdant opulence and in just one burst the lengthening days tip nature over the threshold, the heat of summer takes hold. In this pause plants move towards ripening, the fast paced energy of spring slows down and languid days in the suns longing rays recharge all of our cells.

The heart of all creatures is fed in the summer, but all of this heat is to be used wisely. Just as plants wilt under the endless rays of sun, so too does our inner energy. Summer is met with many moments of rest, a yearning for the shadow, and a respite with each breeze. 

Listen and linger with summers inner knowing. For just as spring gives the first momentum and movement out of winter, summer beckons us back to ourselves, to watch with reverence as our gardens burst with life, to trust in the miraculous at play. It is to set up the conditions in spring so that in summer we can play on our soils under the sun drunk sky. The art of intentionally living is to see these patterns before they arise.

In summer a yearning for the dirt is inevitable. The moist and cool soil is a reminder that all things closer to the earth do not take as much of a beating to the elements. It is in these boundary layers that we snuggle. All creatures get closer to the ground on the hot days, burrowing under, doing their work early in the day or late at night. There is so much space for togetherness in summer for summer animates the material world. Â

When in a seasonal relationship with yourself and your surroundings, preparation becomes a way to better participate with this rhythm. In this way you are not pushed over by the forces that are always at play, for they always have an effect on you. As a conscious being you can participate to potentiate life within these pulsations.

Use Summer’s Pregnant to your Advantage

As the seasons change, so does everything. Your skin becomes more tanned in summer as you drink in the stellar food of the sun. But it is also important to know too much sun will burn you. Thus arises a respectful relationship with the solar rays that beam down.

Sun energizes us, keeps us awake, alert. It is when darkness descends that our body produces melatonin from our pineal gland and the body begins to repair itself. With the shortened nights of summer, we have less of this precious recharging time. I have crafted floral dirt just for this season. It can used be as a sensual massage balm to initiate this portal between yourself and another. It can also be used when you have gotten too much sun, as it’s cooling effects moisture and soothe your skin. The night blooming florals connect you with the moon and that which can’t be seen. You can read more about it here.

Too much heat will burn you

Sunscreen is a necessary piece if you wish to stay outside longer than you actually should. As humans we have the gift to see it, use it, and manipulate it. Everything you use should be kind, benevolent, and always tend towards good as everything comes around full circle. The ingredients in my sunscreen do that for you, the planet, and her waters. This one is tinted and also heals burns if they have arisen.

There is not one being more precious than your babe, and their skin is much more sensitive than yours. As summer calls for togetherness in the sun, it is important to ensure you are taking care of their skin too, as they have more sensitive systems. I have a crafted a gentle sunscreen (bonus diaper balm and rash cream) for our little ones. It’s perfect for you too if you don’t want the tint.