Ethereal Potions


The ethers is made up of ions, ores, minerals, and aromatic substances wafting through the atmospheric space. It is the more rarefied aspects of the planetary that are seldom given a second thought, yet they are influencing our deep subconscious without us even knowing it. It is through working with the ethers that one gains aspect to spirit, and can work with higher and more virtuous aspects of the self: courage, empathy, contentment, patience, and clarity. The body needs a lot of tending to display virtuous emotions, but the work is worth it, a well kept garden is a joy. 

Solar aspects play with the material world, all that is seen and experienced through the tangible senses. The lunar influences create the tempo for the solar world to manifest, it is the underlying rhythm, the unseen. The ethereal potions are an inter-mingling of the solar and lunar that awakens the stellar. The stellar is the divine forming all which seen and all which is unseen. 

A conversation with the ethers comes about through the subtleties and perfumery is one such ethereal practice. It is the art of spirit. It is an abstract craft that takes the individual beyond the material senses and into the ethereal, the super sense of scent. It is this sense that allows us to time travel, unlocking memories deep within our limbic system. Upon smelling something familiar ones psyche is unlocked, upon smelling something new,  present moment memories are created to reconfigure our future. Either way, scent is more powerful than one could ever know for it is unknowable. 

The volatile components of plants that provide aroma are the botanical emanations of itself, its spirit yearning towards the cosmos, invoking pieces of itself to be ushered out of the confinement of its formidable form. The chemical constituents of scent are the plants protective measures, atmospheric modulators, and telecommunication systems that provide an inner-intelligence. It draws in precious pollinators for its perpetuation. Thus these botanicals have an affinity, especially the florals, for our reproductive organs. Perfumes are plant freedom captured, these spirits enticed out from distillation are then blended with one another and bottled for emotional, mental, and etherial beauty uses. 

The contents of these bottles are in perfume concentration, thus they contain a tremendous amount of essential oils. These oils are the secondary metabolites in plants, giving a competitive edge in nature. They don’t need them to survive, but they allow them to thrive. Upon distillation what is collected by the alchemist is the pure spirit of a plant, preserved, its essence, its scent. Carefully proportioned between base, middle, and top notes, these blends are a complete composition of a wholly new scent non-existent in nature, yet entirely of nature. The result: the whole is always greater than the sum of the parts. 

Each blend is designed with specific qualities that carefully selected botanicals instill. These are potent remedies, as the essential oil content in these vials is much higher than balms and face oils. Many are aphrodisiacs, designed to deepen your breath, regulate your hormones, and help the bodies ability to defend itself against modern day (or civilization) illnesses. These tend to be chronic stress, and emotional and mental imbalances such as ADD, anxiety, insomnia, asthma, etc.

Adorning yourself with nature’s botanics is a tantalizing and alluring way to find more magic in life. Pure plant essences, those free from synthetics and chemicals, tend to be highly therapeutic to the wearer and those in scent proximity. It cleanses your whole sensorial field, that which exudes from you, into your circumference (Wei chi field). It is a subtle way to manipulate your nervous system. Our hormones directly affect our sense of smell and our sense of smell alters our hormones. To strengthen and exalt our sense of smell is a very simple way to become more in tune with our inner tune.

Perfumery and pharmacy used to be one and the same thing. Prior to the rise of synthetics in the early 1900’s, natural essences from plant and earth material were highly prized. Unlike synthetics, natural essences release an orchestra of ever changing smells as they converse with your pheromones. They will always smell different depending on the wearer, and even the wearers’ mood. It’s something of the mysterious to use these natural scents, smelling their evolution as they converse with your scent and one another to create something new.

This abstract art holds a strong history in the residences of the highly esteemed in myriads of old cultures. Nobility had personal perfumers, typically women, that crafted coveted plant botanicals for ritual use in anointing ceremonies and for everyday wear to take advantage of the plants protective properties. This form of beauty was all-encompassing for it is multi-dimensional. Scent sleeps not for one moment, it is not confined by time nor space, and this sense in creatures is the most highly evolved apparatus to discern atmospheric information. Traveling through time, both past and future, scent captures a moment for eternity while altering and manipulating the psychology of you and those that smell you. Smell is sneaky and subversive, it is magic perfected, for it holds no malice. 

These potions come in two forms, oil based and alcohol based. 

Oil perfumes

Perfume oils are the traditional way that perfumery was utilized. The concentration of essential oil to carrier oil is much higher than body products and it yields a more concentrated and potent scent. The essential oils are suspended in jojoba oil, a plant wax that does not hold a scent itself, yet is highly penetrable on our skin. It is the perfect delivery mechanism for essential oils. Oil based perfumes are quite personal, they are a bit heavier and hold to your skin like a lover that won’t let you go. And unlike synthetics, natural perfumes change with your essence to create something wholly unique, evolving over time. And though they may not last as long as your skin they are neither fixed in scent like synthetic perfumes nor are they laced with petrochemicals and synthetic particles that disrupt the entire endocrine and immune system. When utilizing perfumery, always choose natural. 

Alcohol Perfumes

It wasn’t until the refinement of distillation that high proof alcohols were used in perfumery. The ability to spray the scent on oneself, rather than rub with oils or butters is a metaphor of the elevation of evolution, the ability to use technique and tools to craft something wholly new. With alcohol based perfumes you are left with higher notes, that carry further around oneself, clinging to hair, clothing, atmosphere, moving the individual out of the personal and into the communal. To walk into a room and alter its mood is the sneaky and manipulative aspects of perfumery, and alcohol based perfumes are very clever and effective at doing this. Since each aroma of a plant carries its specific mood, and when blended together a new feeling state is induceced within and without, these blends are for the solar days when one is out and about with others.