Summer Potions


Time of day: Daylight

Organs: Heart & Small Intestine 

Movement: Expanding 

Portal: Face & Mouth

Mother nature’s spring songs slowly cycle towards summers verdant opulence and in a pulse the lengthening days tip over the threshold, the heat of summer takes hold, and all of organic life begins to pause. This happens from the elliptical of Earth around Sun, and at this time solar energy is consistent throughout the days around the summer solstice. In this bursting brightening silence plants move towards ripening, the fast paced energy of spring slows down and languid days in the sun’s longing rays recharge each beings cells.

The heart of all creatures is fed in the summer, but all of this heat is to be used wisely. Life force is brightest and most vibrant in the dawn and just as flowers and plants wilt under the endless rays of sun, so too does our vitality if we are not careful. Summer must be met with many moments of rest, as there is a yearning for the shadow and a welcome respite with each breeze. Yet each short summer night we somehow recharge and meet each day with the elation of a flower permeated by morning dew.

In summer creatures are magnetized to the moist dirt during the day’s midday peak. The cool soil is a reminder that all things closer to the earth do not take as much of a beating to the elements. All creatures get closer to the ground on the hot days, burrowing under, doing their work at dawn or dusk, silently pausing like the dried out mosses of summer’s forest. Each lengthened day offers space for togetherness, with Earth and with kin. 

Summer practices connect one with the greater sphere in community through contact with others and with nature, especially floral nature. They are a way to integrate self in relationship to the world, to understand the balance between what is wild and what is cultivated, and to use these insights from the unkempt garden of the Earth to plant one’s own curated garden of dreams. Summer practices are for the practitioner to understand that Eden is a paradise we create together, so all can partake in the Earth’s bountiful and abundant nature. All summer practices harness the heat of the sun so as not to get burnt, but rather to use the sun’s energy to pause in the fullness of one’s creation.