Fumescent is crafted with the earth in mind.

Suspending essential oils in balms and oils stretches out their use. A lot of plant material goes into one drop of essential oil, and to use it neat (all by itself) as I am seeing a lot of is bad for the environment. It is wasteful. Fumescent was my solution to this.

Fumescent ships using a public transportation route. This is USPS. They are already coming to your door. It may take longer for your products to get to you, but rest assured, the carbon footprint is LOW.

All labels are made with recycled paper.

I am slowly finding the most sustainable containers to use for the products. It takes time and its not perfect. Many of the containers are glass and can be reused. Get crafty! I am working on keeping as much as possible out of the landfill, especially plastics, as waste does not disappear.