Fumescent is crafted with the earth in mind.

Suspending essential oils in balms and oils stretches out their use. A lot of plant material goes into one drop of essential oil and to use them neat (all by themselves) is oftentimes detrimental for the environment, as is using oils that are grown with pesticides or GMO seeds. All ingredients are sourced organically that are not grown here by hand.

Fumescent ships via USPS, a public transportation route that is already coming to your door. It may take longer for your products to get to you, but rest assured, the carbon footprint is far lower than other carriers.

All labels are made with recycled paper. Fumescent makes great effort to source ingredients and packaging from North American based companies to minimize the shipping footprint, and small business are supported whenever possible. 

When possible the containers Fumescent utilizes are compostable, such as the lip balm. However, due to the nature of the potions, the quality glass packaging can be washed out and reused for all your home use and experimental potion crafting. 

Fumescent headquarters is solar powered using well water and fog water harvested from the wet atmospheric air here in the central coast of California. Occasionally plant material will be used from the Fumescent garden which is all watered with recycled grey water. 

Fumescent strives to have a minimal environmental impact without sacrificing quality and purity of the potions. 

tulsi, chamomile, sage, and rosemary dancing in the fumescent garden
grey water recycling program – zinnias taking in any overflow of water