The Apothecary

“[Scents have] an invisible power to penetrate consciousness with pure pleasure.”

~Mandy Aftel

Fumescent is an indulgent product line that is therapeutic yet aesthetic, medicinal yet magical. Beauty is natural and nature, unlike synthetics, is inconsistent. These products are hand produced fresh, in small batches and no two will ever be the same. They are dimensional, multi-faceted, deeply healing and intelligently alluring. It is food for the skin and art for the nose.

Our sense of smell plays a primitive dialogue that can lead to a heightened intuition if strengthened. Intuition is not natural, it is developed through knowledge, experience, and meditation. This helps us sniff out the right partners, keeps us in the moment, allows us to play with magic in the mundane and inspires us to our very core. Smell is the only sense that is a portal to our nervous system and the only way our nervous system directly makes contact with our environment is through our olfactory membrane.

The skin is the boundary between the inner and outer worlds. It is our interface and allows us to interact. Our skin regulates itself best when we support its natural essence with natural essences. These natural essences in the form of essential oils play the same function in plants as hormones play in animals. It is a primitive dialogue that encompasses reproduction, preservation of species, tissue formation and regeneration and conserving energy. We use these essences to balance and harmonize our whole endocrine system while at the same time counteracting the toxicity that is invariable to being a modern day human being.

All created products are sourced from the highest quality organic ingredients. 


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