Goddess Potions

The potions in this line are crafted with the most revered essences. These are one’s that many people do not have in their personal collection, if they do have essential oil’s, and are a way to get the benefits of these luxurious botanicals without having to find and buy each particular oil.

Reserved for nobility, many of these botanicals are ancient and take precious time and crafting. It is hard to find many of these oils in their pure form, without added synthetics to cut the cost. If you are an essential oil aficionado, these potions are for you. They are a way to treat yourself to the divinity.


Entangle me in the garden of ancient plant wisdom, cool me in streams of prismatic liquid, enwrap me in the florals that will carry me into the cosmos so that I may enter the rhythm of the eternal. And while I am this earthly plane, let the scents that waft into me, speak to me, let the smells be ushered out of me, reveal me, then with each inhale and exhale, let my breath connect me with all that is around me so I may know the miraculous.