Venice, CA

Love Yoga Space, Venice CA

SUNDAY 5/27 7:45-9:15pm

This monthly workshop focus on spinal health. The spine is the centre of our health, the heart of our nervous system. Esoterically the spine is our celestial pillar, the gateway between the cosmos and the planet and the highway from the primitive to the conscious. As gravity pulls our spines down we need tools and techniques to manipulate gravity. This workshop is focused on unwinding the spine, unraveling and relinquishing deeply held patterns that lie within. To have a healthy and supple spine is the gateway into an elevated vision. Techniques will be utilized to inform the flow and fluidity of our spine, allowing us to emulate this fluidity in our everyday lives. Liberation within the confines of our body starts with our physical vessel and a liberated body is a liberated mind. Come prepared to undulate to good music. The practice will be followed by a Yoga Nidra to reset the nervous system.

“Kat is knowledgeable and motivating, she leads with immense passion. I finally found a teacher who thoroughly explained the “why am I doing this?” She has a solid understanding of the anatomical functions of the body as well as insight into contemplative meditation”
Carmen Davies, Victoria BC