Yang Pits


Your armpits release pheromones that are as unique to you as your thumbprint. Along with poor diet, synthetic scents and toxic underarm products, the health of our lymph and quality of our scent which is designed to attract the right mate becomes jeopardized.

This deodorant harmonizes your sex scent by detoxifying your lymph then rebalancing your pheremones. Each blend revolves around sultry sandalwood that contains a constituent similar to andosterone which is the underarm pheromonal secretion that acts as a sexual signal. Kaolin Clay detoxifies your underarms while the butters and oils soothe this delicate skin. Beeswax offers a staying power and arrowroot maintains a healthy environment for good bacteria.


Enhances and harmonizes the base notes you were already designed with to attract in the right people and situations.

Ingredients: coconut oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, beeswax, kaolin clay, arrowroot powder, vitamin e; essential oils of vetiver, sandalwood, cypress, roman chamomile, thyme linalol

1 oz

2 oz

Availability: for mentees enrolled in the spring mentorship program

for a deodorant available year round, click here

How to use: Slather under your armpit with your fingers to give your lymph a bit of a massage. This will double as a moisturizer but the clay and arrowroot, as well as cypress EO will combat sweat. Use throughout the day whenever you feel you need. If you sweat more, and it is summer, you may need to use more frequently, but slowly your scent will rebalance itself and you will need less and less.

“I am a man who is prone to unfortunate odors that emanate from my under arms. Moreover, I have an auto immune disease that causes my face to be more succeptible to sun burn. Miraculously, and to the joy of the people to whom I am closest, Kat’s deodorant and sunscreen, have transformed me into a less odorous person who gets out of the water with silky smooth and evenly tanned skin. These products are so effective that I’d use them without regard for the ingredients. The fact that they are handmade and healthy, is the causal cherry on top, for any low down dirty dude to make them a part of his daily routine. I am grateful to her.”

~Michael Fujikawa