Katonah Yoga

Katonah Yoga puts you in the center of yourself so you can reference center while radiating out to circumference. Using a Daoist approach and sacred geometry you will fashion fits in your body that reform the depths of your being. The specific fit not only fits your own body but the universe as well, as the canon of man is the canon of the universe. It is this intelligence at work that constantly speaks to us in ‘symbols’ and numbers. The poses in the practice are an archetypal form, yearning to harmonize itself to the tune of the universal. We change ourselves using this map. This form has memory, presence and a future function. Our body speaks to us in its own language to tell us where it has been. This knowledge offers up a potential reformation and transformation, with the aim of moving into harmony. The body is organic material, it is malleable.  Katonah Yoga is a structural practice that works in the joints and bones, setting up a proper form so that we can flush the organs and glands. We use ourselves to help ourselves, leveraging, reforming and using everything to our advantage. We play for the reformation and the liberation.  Yoga is complementary to life, it offers skillful technique so we can age gracefully and fend off dis-ease while at the same time remaining happy and joyful.



“Katonah involves a lot of assisting, and doing yoga in community, which is extremely rewarding. I will go as far as to say that Katonah is its own philosophy of life, and Kat does a stellar job delivering the information.”

Ana Klahr, Edmonton AB

KATONAH YOGA® was founded by Nevine Michaan, and is a
Hatha yoga practice refined over forty years, blended with
Taoist theory, sacred geometries, pranayama, and meditation.
For more information, please visit http://www.katonahyoga.com.